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Designer Fabrics

Designer Fabrics - Discounted Prices - At London City Quality 

When people are searching online for designer fabrics to use for upholstery or curtains they usually assume that the business will be in London and that the prices will be expensive and not very affordable to the mass market. Well that assumption goes out the window when you search for designer fabrics at Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop we buy designer curtain fabrics and designer upholstery fabric direct from the mills where they make the fabric ! We cut out the middle man and we buy direct and pick and choose what designs to weave and to introduce on our website www.YorkshireFabricShop.com and what to put on our shops shelves in West Yorkshire.

We have full control over what designer fabrics we want and we are not based in London so our costs are really low and we have no sales staff enabling us to remain competitive, streamlined and we charge reasonable but you will think they are discounted prices for the designer fabrics compared to the interior designer shops of London.

The quality of fabrics you buy from a designer shop in London will be the same quality if not a better quality fabric if you were to buy from Yorkshire Fabric Shop. We have a real passion for designing and picking the right designer fabrics for our customers that you will see our growing collection on the website.

We will leave you with a thought, which one of patchwork sofas in the below has the designer price tag ?

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