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FAUX SUEDE UPHOLSTERY FABRIC Cost-effective, durable and stylish  Faux suede is a fantastic material. The softness and easy cleaning makes it perfect for upholstery furniture with pets and kids. We have a range of faux suede fabrics, from read more...


Cost-effective, durable and stylish 

Faux suede is a fantastic material. The softness and easy cleaning makes it perfect for upholstery furniture with pets and kids. We have a range of faux suede fabrics, from thin, smooth and like animal skin, to shiny and thick, like snakeskin. Suede is easy to clean and care for as the fibres are very short compared to other fabrics; ask for a free sample from Yorkshire Fabric Shop when you shop for suede materials online.

Sacrifice nothing with our faux suede upholstery fabric

Faux suede fabric continues to grow in popularity as people search for cruelty-free materials that look as good as the real thing. As a synthetic fabric, suede is highly cost-effective, but it still offers an up-market aesthetic that adds a touch of luxury to any design.

Mills use a combination of woven microfibres, including polyester blends, to create either Microsuede or Ultrasuede materials, then brush and finish the fabrics to replicate the aesthetic of natural suede.

Why go faux?

When it comes to style, sophistication and aesthetic appeal, faux suede doesn't hold anything back. Here's why you might want to use it instead of natural suede:

  • Cruelty-Free: Faux materials give people more access to different upholstery products and ensure designers can appeal to a broader audience. With many people searching for alternatives to animal-derived products, these fabrics offer more variety.

  • Cost-Effective: Suede is an expensive material, but faux alternatives are the cost-effective solution. They look natural but are more accessible for all budgets.

  • Durability: Better still, faux suede is more durable, resistant to stains and fading, and easier to clean and maintain than its natural counterpart.

As you can see, faux suede offers numerous benefits and is one of our more popular materials. Whether you use it for sofa covers, cushions, or curtains, we have everything you need to create stunning upholstery.

Choose from a range of affordable faux suede fabrics

We have a range of stunning upholstery fabrics available for all price points. Whether you're looking for something simple and understated or want to go all out with a bold print, our extensive materials collection won't disappoint you.

Keep it simple

Our plain faux suede fabrics are ideal for contemporary designs that blend seamlessly with the rest of your décor. We have a range of colours and finishes, including the Columbo collection, which uses neutral tones to create a range of finishes.

Try the plain grey, or inject subtle tones with the navy blue shade, which looks perfect in living rooms and bedrooms.

The Colorado collection also uses the subtlety of plain patterns to add a high-end aesthetic to your designs. For the perfect seating option, we recommend the white outdoor fabric or the lush green colour to bring the outdoors into your designs.

Patterned faux suede fabrics

If you're the go-bold or go-home type, nothing quite beats patterned fabrics. Bright colours, lavish designs, and patterns at the height of fashion are all available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. The stunning Jungle Leaf pattern is perfect for outdoor furniture while adding glamour to your interior décor.

Another vibrant pattern epitome of modern is Sokoto Geometric fabric, which will immediately become the focal point in any room.

Colourful & traditional fabrics

Traditional patterns look perfect in rustic homes and create the ideal country vibe. If you're a fan of tartan, we have a range of colours available, with the Oban collection, which comes in burnt orange, grey and blue tones.

Stripes are always popular in interior design and immediately make an impression. The great thing about these patterns is they can elevate even the dullest room for a fraction of the cost. The Maldives Striped fabric is one of our most popular collections, with various shades available.

Shopping with us gives you access to unparalleled quality

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we specialise in providing high-quality materials to our customers. Whether you're a designer or love creating your own upholstery and soft furnishing, you'll find everything you need here.

As one of Yorkshire's oldest fabric providers, we're proud of our strong reputation and hope to give you the best shopping experience.

Only the highest-quality fabrics belong here

When choosing upholstery fabric, you want to know you're getting value for money. Shopping with us gives you peace of mind because we go out of our way to ensure each customer has access to high-quality fabrics.

Our dedicated team reviews fabrics worldwide and leaves no stone unturned when evaluating the fabric's quality. If we wouldn't use it in our homes, it won't appear in our stock.

Try before you buy

You don't want to waste money on fabrics that don't suit your needs and don't have to with us. We offer cost-effective mini and jumbo samples, so you can test the material and decide whether you want to order it.

Once you do, just order by the metre and prepare for speedy delivery.

Friendly customer service team

Buying faux suede fabric doesn't have to be a challenge, and our dedicated customer support team offers advice and support whenever needed. We began as a small fabric shop, in the heart of Yorkshire and despite our growth, we still provide that community feel.

Buy faux suede fabric today

Please browse our faux suede fabric choices, and remember to order samples before buying a pattern. If you need any help, our customer service team is always available to assist, so please don't hesitate to contact us.


Is faux suede as soft as genuine suede?

Yes, faux suede replicates the softness of genuine suede, but it's also more budget-friendly.

Does faux suede fade over time?

Faux suede is more resistant to fading than genuine suede, but proper care is essential to maintain its appearance.

Is faux suede environmentally friendly?

Many would agree it's environmentally friendly as it doesn't involve animal exploitation.

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