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3 tips in choosing the right sofa upholstery fabric

Most furniture is built for sitting and relaxing. Investing in these pieces is a smart decision for any home.

Since there are many fabric options available, deciding what upholstery fabric to use can be overwhelming. Putting into consideration many elements such as colour, pattern and lifestyle can help you decide on the proper sofa upholstery fabric.

Not sure what sofa upholstery fabric to use? Follow these tips to make it right.

What Is Upholstery?

To simply put, upholstery is the attachments like fabric, cushioning, webbing, and springs that make up the soft coverings of furniture. It makes a tremendous difference in the comfort and quality of the piece.

Are you wondering about the importance of choosing the right sofa upholstery fabric?

Well, choosing high-quality upholstery materials including the fabric ensures that the furniture will last for years!

How to choose the right upholstery fabric for your sofa

Knowing the right fabric to use for sofa upholstery can be difficult. You must consider various factors before choosing the proper fabric.

If you are having a hard time deciding what material to use, read on as we guide you in choosing the right fabric for your sofa upholstery.

1. Set a budget

Setting a budget on what fabric to use for your sofa is the best place to start. Many stunning cheap sofas are available and you can have them in some fancy fabrics like velvet.

But if you have a small budget, you only have a limited colour choice for cheaper sofas. On the other hand, there are lots of patterns, colours and fabrics to choose from if you have a bigger budget. You can also have made-to-order fabrics depending on your preference.

2. Check the durability

The degrees of use of furniture vary. Sofas and chairs in the living room receive more wear than those in bedrooms. If this is the case, family room sofas must be covered with tightly woven fabrics to protect against damage.

Cotton seems like the common choice in upholstery but you should only use it for pillows and cushions. Combining cotton, rayon, and polyester is recommended for family sofas.

Microfiber fabric, viscose, or leather is advisable when you have kids or pets in the household. Sitting regularly to your sofa wears out prints and patches. To avoid this, pick fabrics with woven patterns since their designs last longer. Avoid using natural fabrics like cotton and linen if your sofa will be placed in direct sunlight because they fade over time.

Try stretching and compressing samples of fabrics to test its durability. If maintained properly, high-quality fabrics can last for decades.

3. Pick the right colour

Deciding what colour of the fabric is often the first consideration you make when purchasing a sofa. Colour affects the overall look of the furniture. It sets the mood and gives a good impression on people.

Neutral colours are the safest choice as they can work in any colour scheme. You can easily see dirt marks and spills in light shades.

Before choosing the fabric colour, ask yourself first what kind of mood and style you want to achieve. Knowing the colour temperature gives you an advantage in selecting the right shade.

If you are looking for durability, synthetic fabrics are more long-lasting than natural ones. Be wary of fabrics that trigger allergies too! Deciding what fabric to use sounds fun and exciting but if it’s going to be replaced in a short period, it will be costly and stressful. Remember that the decision on what sofa upholstery fabric to use comes down to your situation and needs.

Tips On Choosing The Right Sofa Upholstery Fabric

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