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A guide to drape styles

One of the drapes’ most important roles is to add colour and décor to your home. If chosen well, these window treatments can turn your simple room into an extraordinary space.

Regardless of your preferred colour and design, drapes can make your room look lively and vibrant.

There are several types of drape panels available right now.

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The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has listed the various drapery styles. After reading this, you can now decide what kind of drape suits you best.

Here are the different drape styles you can choose from:

Tailored Pleat
The tailored pleat drapery is one of the sought-after drapery styles right now.

The pleats are known for its waterfall pleat look. The buckram stiffener keeps the pleats stiff, allowing the drapery to remain very practical and straightforward to operate.

If you want a lighter material, linen drapery is a great choice. On the other hand, wool material is worth considering if you need to obstruct a draft window.

Ripple Fold Drapery
The ripple fold is one of the most common drapery styles. Although it’s smooth and modern, the ripple fold drape is effortless to use.

If you intend to open and close your drapes every day, this drapery design is a great pick, as it glides smoothly along a track. It’s the number one choice for sliding glass doors.

Pinch Pleat Drapery
The pinch pleat drapery is a classic drapery style. This drapery style is kept fixed with buckram fabric, making it easy to use and practical. Although this type of pinch pleat drapery is more traditional, it’s created modern with a distinct pattern option.

Inverted Pleat Drapery
Though neatly pleated, the inverted pleat drapery is still a unique curtain style that gives off a relaxed atmosphere.

This style of draping is more appropriate for decoration, and it’s not ideal for daily use.

Since this drapery style is not recommended for regular opening and closing, you may place it with a roller shade if you have to monitor light.

Cubicle Drapery
If you’re looking for something affordable, the cubicle drapery is a great alternative. This style is flexible and practical, making it suitable for daily use.

Small grommets connect to hook carriers, enabling the curtain of the cubicle to glide along its track.

Grommet Drapery
As its name suggests, grommet drapery is suspended through grommet rings from a rod.

Sometimes, the drapery rod and hardware are matched with a grommet colour. Because of its deep folds, this drapery style can have a dramatic look.

It’s a decorative type of curtain, and not suitable for everyday use.

Take note that due to the grommet inlay inside the fabric, the fabric measures one inch at the top of the real rod.

Rod Pocket Drapery
The rod pocket drapery is a very classic, natural, and traditional alternative. The fullness of this style is made near the rod pocket by the gathered fabric.

The drapery rod pocket can support a pole of up to two inches in diameter.

The rod pocket style is more appropriate as stationary panels because it’s not ideal for daily use.

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