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Are curtains a fire hazard and will they catch fire?

Can curtains catch fire? Definitely yes! Especially if they are placed near the fire, and the length of the curtain is long enough to be heated. Placing them near a fire source increases the risk of the curtain catching fire. 

Since curtains are usually made of flammable textiles or fabrics and synthetic fibres, they are prone to fire hazards, and curtain fires are commonly caused by overheating appliances such as high-power lamps, iron, and etc. 

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Even if they are just placed near a fire source, they can already be caught in flames, which is why it is essential to take note of the things you put near your fire sources. Other places such as theatres mostly use safety curtains to prevent fire hazards, and you can also purchase flame retardant fabrics curtains. Your curtain fabric still plays an important role in preventing fires because fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon are the most flammable fabrics. The thinner the material is, the higher chance there is that the curtain might get caught in the fire. Since these fabrics are cellulose fibres, they can be compared to papers because they are also cellulose-based and we all know how easily papers can be ignited with fire.

It is vital to keep curtains away from fire sources such as candles, stoves, appliances that heat such as iron and lamps, etc. Keeping them away from fire sources makes the chances of your curtain being burned lower and is also an effective way of preventing it from starting a fire. Very important to ask the curtain manufacturer first if the curtain can quickly create a fire or if it is safe to place near fire sources so you would know where you can put the curtain you purchased before placing it anywhere in your house.

If buying curtain contract fabrics for a commercial project office or restaurants, Yorkshire Fabric Shop can treat the curtain fabric for flame treatment. This is a must for insurance purposes and safety as well.

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Some curtains are made of fibreglass, which is fireproof, but cleaning and maintaining it can be frustrating as it is a challenging task to do. There are fire resistant curtains where they won’t sustain a fire on their own unless they are burned with the intention of burning it. Low-quality fabrics that are used to create a curtain will start a fire, which is why it is essential to choose the best fabric you can purchase for your curtains to prevent a fire from starting in your home or commercial environment. 

You can buy curtain material that is already flame treated at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, or we can make the curtains for you.

Whichever choice you take do ensure you keep safety in mind when buying curtains. You can choose to buy curtains with the Yorkshire Fabric Shop online or call us to go through your curtain fabric options. We send out samples or all our fabrics so you'll always know the quality of cloth before your curtains are made up.


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