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Can cotton be used for upholstery?

Yorkshire Fabric Shop has a lot of fabrics to choose from. You might like a plant or animal-based fabric, and our collection can provide you with that. Consequently, due to the popularity of cotton since the 1700s, it is empirical not to include it in our lists of endless fabrics. Its characteristic of being soft and comfy often makes it a trendy fabric almost for everything. It has been commonly used for fashion and homes and is considered one of the most used and produced fabrics of all time. Due to its high production, it has become inexpensive for everyone.

Some may be unaware of it, but cotton fabrics can be used for upholstery. Yes! Your sofas can be soft and breathable, and at the same time, can be a durable piece of furniture. Cotton fabrics have always been used for centuries, and its increasing production just goes to show that there are lots of things we can do with such fabric. 

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Ever thought of choosing sofas and chairs with cotton? Most people actually won't. Do not ever overlook and might as well take into consideration buying cotton. It has become prominent for hundreds of years, so why like it less than other fabric types?

One of the best things, why cotton can be best for upholstery, is because of its soft texture. It is not stiff, and it provides comfort and downiness less the fur. It's even lightweight compared to any other fabrics. The cotton trade has been prominently marketed to various industries, most especially with fashion and home. Cotton can be regarded as the most used, if not, the most traded type of fabric when it comes to quantity.


Benefits Of Cotton

Most would say that cotton is breathable once you get to experience sitting on a cotton sofa or chair. This type of experience makes cotton more relaxing and super comfortable if you're planning to work on long days. For those people who would want a comfortable cloth for their working chairs, or even living room sofas and dining furniture, then this fabric might be the best for you.


Practical Purposes

Apart from breathability, cotton is widely used because it is inexpensive. Since the beginning of its discovery into making it for upholstery purposes, it was then produced and manufactured more and more and grown almost everywhere in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Cotton's popularity has made it to the global market since then, that it has been traded all over the world. Because of extreme demands from consumers, it is still extensively produced. Yet, the cotton price still does not increase. As production increases, more and more competitors are up to decreasing the price to attract more customers. Thus, cotton is the most basic type of cloth for almost everything because it is cheap, and is commonly used.


Easier To Clean

Let's say your cotton sofa is so comfy that a lot of the family members, or even relatives, opt to stay seated. It is used every day and a considerable time is spent sitting on it. In this case, your sofa might need to be cleaned and cared, more than just it being used for aesthetic and leisure purposes. 

Unlike any other fabrics, cotton can be thin or thick, depending on how it is woven. Some unique fabrics must be dry cleaned only. However, in the case of cotton fabrics, it can be both laundered and dry cleaned. Some people even have it boiled to be sterilized, as cotton is resilient to high water temperatures. Still, cotton can be prone to shrinkage when washed always. This is the reason why it is blended sometimes with other types of fabric, linen mostly, to achieve its durability and to ensure it does not shrink easily. 


Lots Of Choices

Cotton can achieve unique appearances by the way they are woven. Some people often prefer it to be thick or thin, and some prefer the one in between. As mentioned previously, cotton is sometimes combined with linen to achieve a somehow stiff look and also avoid shrinkage due to everyday use. 

In some instances, it can also be mixed with polyester to make it dry fast compared to being 100% cotton. While others who would also want a sophisticated look would often fancy cotton-velvet mix; it brings a casual and a luxurious ambience to your homes. Furthermore, it is also a popular choice for printed fabrics. It's the best fabric if you love patterns and prints. If you happen to love so, check out Yorkshire Fabrics Collection!


A Friend To The Environment

Cotton is processed and manufactured using renewable energy sources only. Unlike polyester and animal-based products, there is no petroleum present in producing cotton. Some may say that it also needs a lot of water to grow, when in fact does not. Cotton can be grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It does not require excessive water to grow, even rain alone can sustain it; one of the reasons why it does not need a lot of caring to grow nor a lot of processes to become a fabric.   

It is still up to the consumers if they choose cotton over all other fabrics for their upholstery. Subsequently, there are a lot of factors to consider when buying fabrics for your furniture, and it is up to the consumers to decide what is sustainable for them. You might find that cotton can work for you or not, but that’s okay. You create your own decision based on your personal lifestyle and your family’s needs.

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At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we want our clients to know more about the fabric they are purchasing. We do not opt mainly for sales; we want our consumers to feel good and reminisce every sensation in our fabrics. Our fabrics are not just a piece of cloth. Above all, it's about making our clients feel more comfortable in their homes, or wherever they may be.


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