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Can upholstery fabric be used for curtains?

Upholstery fabrics are known for being used for furniture. Upholstery is stuffing furniture with webbing, padding, springs, foam, or cushions, and the upholstery fabric is used to cover it up. Upholstery fabric is commonly used for covering furniture, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other purposes such as curtains! So, the answer if you can use upholstery fabric for curtains is yes! 

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If you are planning to use upholstery fabric for your curtains, the best place to purchase fabric is through Yorkshire Fabric Shop! We offer thousands of upholstery fabric you can use to make your curtain fit your style! Since upholstery fabrics are heavy, they can make draperies and curtains look formal.


If you have already decided to use upholstery fabric as curtains, then you might need the following tools:

● Tape measure
● Scissors
● Iron
● Pins
● Thread
● Heavy needle
● Sewing machine
● Curtain rings with clips

Get the measurements of the window width and height of the window. Your panel should be wide enough so it can cover the window you want to make a curtain for. Make sure to provide excess fabric to be able to form excess folds.

Get the measurements of the distance of the curtain rod to the floor and cut your chosen upholstery fabric depending on what is your desired length.

Take the iron and warm it. Make sure that the setting is appropriate for the upholstery fabric you are using to prevent it from being ruined or damaged. You might burn or melt it with your iron so make sure that the warmth of the iron is just right for your fabric.

Take the edges of the panel and fold it about half an inch. Make sure to fold it again if the fabric shows some signs of straining. Every 6 inches along the edge of the hem, get your straight pins and then place it there. Make sure that the pins are perpendicular to the edge of the panel.

Get the thread and pick a colour that suits the colour of the upholstery fabric you chose. Use a needle for upholstery and do not use a regular needle. 

Sew the edges of the panel in a straight line.

Once done, check the curtain for any loose threads to trim it off and iron the panel to remove wrinkles.

Get the curtain rings to clip your newly sewn curtain, and now you have your curtain!

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Need an upholstery fabric? Yorkshire Fabric Shop has loads of choices for you! We offer thousands of upholstery fabric you can use for your curtain! We offer a lot of material to ensure that you get to pick the best design you want for your curtain. Distance isn’t a hindrance because we offer worldwide shipping and all you have to do is shop online! There’s a no better option to purchase a fabric than Yorkshire Fabric Shop!


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