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Curtain care - Tips and tricks

Curtains give several benefits to your home. They offer colour, style, and protection against dirt. Since your curtains serve as window coverings, they attract lots of filth and dust.

Cleaning your curtains is a must if you want them to last for many years. Also, cleaning your curtains get rid of potential risks like allergies.

Depending on your curtain, the method of cleaning varies. Cleaning your curtains incorrectly can ruin your curtains, especially the high-quality made to measure curtain types as they are an investment and not off the shelf product.

Curtain Care - Dry Clean

To help you maintain your curtains, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed down these tips and tricks in taking care of them.

Tips and Tricks in Cleaning Curtains

1. Always check the washing instructions of the fabrics first before cleaning your curtains. Usually, hand washing is ideal for velvet and silk, while dry cleaning works well with other curtain fabrics.
2. Remove hooks and unfasten tapes before cleaning.
3. Remove the dust by shaking your curtains or using a vacuum brush attachment.
4. Since curtains weigh more when wet, just like jeans, make sure not to overload the washing machine.
5. Dry curtains using parallel lines. Remember not to allow curtains to lay on wood or dirty surfaces.
6. After drying, attach hooks and use tapes to align width.
7. Clean valances on the wall before rehanging your curtains.
8. Step on a ladder or chair to make rehanging your curtains and inserting hooks easier.

There are a lot of ways to clean your curtains. Here are some helpful tips when using your preferred cleaning method:

Handwashing Tips
Handwashing is the best choice when washing all curtain types. Use a mild detergent to wash fragile fabrics such as silk and lace. Use cold water and never use brushes to avoid the risk of destroying the material. Heavy curtains are usually steamed or dry-cleaned.

Drying curtains takes a lot of time. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight. With this, you can air dry them.

Dry Cleaning Tips
Some curtains are only suitable for dry cleaning. Doing another cleaning method is at your own risk. Dry cleaning is the best option for light and vibrant curtains. Take extra precautions when cleaning your curtains since other washing methods can cause colour fading and shrinking.

Steam Cleaning Tips
If you have a steam cleaner, you can use this for curtains that are too huge for washing machines. Steam your curtains gently to remove dust and cobwebs. Start at the top, then move downwards. If then you can still notice spots, apply a spot remover.

Washing Machine Tips
Using the washing machine to clean your curtains is considered as the fastest and most convenient. However, take note of the cleaning instructions first to avoid any damages.

A lot of curtains are not suited for hot water. High-quality curtains are washed using delicate spin and cold water. Don’t use bleach and other strong detergents as well.

Tips in Drying
Drying your curtains incorrectly can lead to bad smell and mould. Direct sunlight damages most curtain fabrics, so hang your curtains in a shaded spot instead. If allowed, you can use spin dryers too.

If you can’t put your wet curtains outside, you can place them in a ventilated room. Open all windows and use fans in drying them.

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