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How big of a cushion should I buy?

Cushions can be added to either a home or an office. Despite being predominantly used in living rooms and bedrooms, cushions are also functional in offices because they provide more comfort. As well as being convenient for when you want to take a break or a short nap, they also give any setting a warmer atmosphere. Given that it serves both these purposes, when browsing for new cushions it is important to take into consideration aspects such as size, design, and the type of fabric. It’s imperative to consider these elements in order to determine what is the most suitable cushion for your space.

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Large cushions

If you choose to go for larger cushions, make sure that you have large sofas so they complement each other. Larger cushions can resemble pillows and will look out of place on smaller sofas and chairs because they are too big for them. Large cushions will suit your home if you have chaise, mid-century, or Chesterfield sofas. This is because these fabrics aren’t the softest so having larger cushions can provide some much needed comfort. They are also paired well with these types of sofas because they provide a nice aesthetic to them. Large cushions are usually covered with plain and deep-coloured fabrics, so stains would be easy to remove, which is helpful if you’re using them for your home. We recommend having colours for your cushion covers that complement the colours and design of your sofas in order to give your space a consistent aesthetic.

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Scatter cushions

Commonly used for accent chairs given their smaller size, scatter cushions can provide decoration as well as leave enough space for you to sit and relax. You can have plenty of them to decorate any given space and provide depth and comfort both to a home and an office. Scatter cushions pair well with Lawson, Camelback, and English Roll arm sofas because these sofas are overly plushed, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing large cushions to provide comfort - you just need a few scatter cushions to pair them with. Scatter cushions can also be paired with many different fabric covers, so they offer versatility because they can suit almost any interior aesthetic. 

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Fabrics for cushion covers

When it comes to picking the covers, larger cushions are best covered in velvet, cotton, and chenille fabric covers, which provide deep colours that will add depth and also help with avoiding noticeable stains if you have children. Scatter cushions are not as limited, given they are smaller and are used for more decorative purposes, as opposed to comfort. You can have them in covers made of damask, brocade, polyester, and cotton. Regardless of what type of cushion you have, it’s important to choose the fabric cover most suited to the type of cushion and your sofa.

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Your perfect cushion size

The correct cushion size depends on what type of sofa you have and what can be paired well with that sofa, as well as your property’s interior. To find the cushion covers most suited to you, feel free to explore our range of fabrics. 

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