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How can you tell if a fabric is for upholstery?

There are various fabrics available in stores such as Yorkshire Fabric Shop. It probably makes you wonder which is the right material for you and your upholstery. Textiles can be classified according to texture, colour, and quality; no two fabric types are created equal. Upholstery materials are made differently from regular textiles that you may wear for clothing. They differ significantly in quality and composition. 

Upholstery fabrics are stronger than regular fabrics "cloth". Upholstery textiles are meant to cover furniture. Hence, they are built to be strong and long-lasting. In contrast, regular textiles are typically used as curtains, pillow covers, and more. 

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Regular fabrics, also known as multipurpose fabrics, are of medium weight. On the flip side, upholstery textiles are firmer, thicker, and heavier. The majority of regular textiles have printed patterns. On the other hand, upholstery fabrics get their excellent patterns through a weaving process. Upholstery materials are woven in two common ways: flat and pile. 

After the weaving process, textiles are backed with latex or other materials. Backings add durability and strength to the woven textile. Some upholstery fabrics with backings are chenille, vinyl, and velvet. 

Backings secure upholstery textiles. It provides abrasion resistance to the materials. Backed fabrics resist stretching. They are also stable once upholstered to your furniture. Some upholstery textiles do not have backings. For instance, the materials used for slipcovers are not backed. This allows the slipcovers to be stretchy and flexible.

Manufacturers can make upholstery textiles from any fibre or thread. For instance, natural materials like cotton, wool, and linen are commonly woven for upholstery textiles. Synthetic fibres such as olefin, polyester, and acetate are well-known upholstery cloth, too. Combining natural and synthetic cloth to make upholstery fabrics is also fairly common. With blended fabrics, you can enjoy the ideal qualities of two or more materials. 

Upholstery textiles are aesthetic and low-maintenance. They are a heavy-duty cloth that is made to resist abrasions. Upholstery textiles go through a series of tests for quality check. The “double rub count” technique is one way to assess its properties. This is a well-known process where a mechanical arm rubs a duck cloth to a test fabric, over and over again. The double rub count method intends to imitate abrasions from frequent use. Usually, furniture abrasions come from repeated sitting and standing. 

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In conclusion, upholstery fabrics are of greater quality than regular textiles. Upholstery fabrics provide comfort and beauty to home pieces. Further, they have properties that regular cloth does not have. For example, there are flame retardant fabrics and hypoallergenic textiles. If you are sensitive to dust mites or other allergens, you should check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop's range of hypoallergenic leather fabrics

Upholstering furniture with excellent textiles is a good investment. Spending more money on long-lasting materials is better than paying less for flimsy and short-lived ones. 

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