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How do I clean Roman blinds?

Getting the perfect Roman blinds for your room always makes your window fresh and neat. As Roman blinds are of great preference for homeowners nowadays, more and more people want to delve into the world of Roman blinds. The sleek and flat look makes it more unique than the usual curtain, but they are also a decorative treatment for all your window needs. 

Yet, your Roman blinds also need to be taken care of. With the common practice of not getting it cleaned until the dust is evident, it might wear out easily. It is always recommended to clean your Roman blinds every now and then.

Most Roman blinds can be washed through the machine, but others might need dry cleaning. You might be wondering now how to clean Roman blinds; do you remove the fabric and have it washed? Or do you just send it to a dry cleaning service and have it cleaned? 

Cleaning is important to avoid mould build-up and to remove dust particles, dust mites, and contaminants, which may soon be a reason for allergies. 

But how do you possibly clean your Roman blinds when you know there are other materials alongside them? Perhaps, you want to put it in your washing machine --- not a great idea. 

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How to clean Roman Blinds

There are two easy steps to give ample care to your Roman blinds. For a professional kind of cleaning in your own home, you can either have it washed or dry cleaned.

Roman blinds must be hand washed and brushed only, and putting them in the machine can lead your fabrics to wear off and your blinds to be destroyed. It must be remembered that having them washed means only washing them delicately, without the use of any machine.

First, before washing your roman blinds, you must use a vacuum cleaner. Having your Roman blinds vacuumed can help them from removing unseen dust and unwanted particles. Most of the cleaning must be by removing dust, and vacuum cleaning takes away most of the dirt to about 95%. However, if you have a greasy Roman blind, say the one in your kitchen, you must first have the grease rubbed off before dry cleaning. Vacuuming your Roman blinds must not have moisture, so it's important to always have them dry before using the vacuum. Dry cleaning is good for Roman blinds placed in dry and low humidity spaces, and you might have to set aside your soap as it does not need washing anymore.

In contrast, if you have a Roman blind with stains on it, you must always have the stains washed and rubbed off for a cleaner finish. You need to have your cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol, and your wipes for this method. First of all, apply an ample amount of cleaning solvent to your wipes. Gently wipe or rub off blots of stains from your Roman blinds. This method transfers all the remaining dust particles from the blind to your towels, and you just might be surprised how your towels will look dirty while your Roman blinds are left spotless. If time permits, you may also try about a tablespoon of dish soap in a bucket of water, and dip your towel in it; wring the towel out, and gently wipe your blinds from left to right. This process also makes your Roman blinds completely washed, while keeping them in low moisture. However, you should also remember to use the other side of the towel, to not spread the captured dry soil all over your blind. Also, rub off as gently as possible, to not affect the quality of colours in your fabrics, especially when your Roman blinds are with more intricate designs. 


Other things to consider

Remember that your fabrics have different needs. One thing that must be taken into account is to check for the tags on your fabrics. Some fabrics may only require dry cleaning, so it's best to have them looked over so the health of your fabrics will not be compromised. 

Fabrics like silk, linen, rayon, and wool, might require no moisture at all when cleaned. Whereas cotton and polyester can be washed in water. Yet, always check the label, as there are Roman blinds with a combination of two fabrics built into one. 

In protecting the lifespan of your Roman blinds, washing and cleaning must not be forgotten to provide the best window treatments to your windows. You want your blinds to hang like new even after how many years. It is recommended to have them cleaned as much as possible to prevent dust and mould build-up.


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