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How do I make a cushion cover?

We could not just get enough of having cushions for every chair in our homes. Given its softness and plush look, it's always a part of our day laying on our couches after a long day at work. Cushions are great for hard surfaces, so they can provide a squishy feel for us. Thus, it is deemed necessary to be a part of every home,  because it provides us a feeling of comfort when using it.

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A cushion must always provide comfort, but should also be durable and self-sustaining. There are a lot of factors to consider when buying your cushions, so better yet get something that's sustainable in specific areas in your home; cotton may age fast in high temperatures and humidity, or velvet can only be good inside homes. It's always best to choose the perfect fabric to be able to make your cushions more long-lasting even after everyday use.

Nonetheless, you may have old cushions in your house that need to be replaced. Some may need to be thrown away, yet some may only require a cover replacement. Nonetheless, it's good to assess them whether or not they aged well, to be able to provide the best cushion for your chairs and bring out a fresh and pleasing look for your room.

In replacing your cushion fabrics, one thing that you need to remember is to choose the best material for the best cushion protection. The fabric is its outer shell and needs to be special so your cushions will be more durable and have the ability to prevent themselves from being withered and wrinkled. 

One character of a strong fabric is a mix of fibres. The combination of synthetic and natural fabrics can withstand intensive use, but can also be soft too. In this case, always check the label and make sure to purchase in trusted brands so you know it is 100% authentic. You can either choose from a mix of cotton fabrics, polyester, chenille, linen, and canvas. These fabrics are very unique and also can protect your cushions even with intensive use. 

A guide to making your own cushion cover

Maybe you have that cushion that has been old and already needs fabric replacement. In this case, you can have made-to-measure fabrics or if you enjoy sewing, you can make your own cushion covers in the convenience of your own home. However, make sure to measure your fabrics correctly, so they would also fit on your cushions perfectly. The process may take a lot of effort, but it's definitely worth the time to add a touch of freshness to your interiors.


You will need:

A. Measuring tape (steel type if possible)

B. Chalk or pencil

C.Cutter or sharp scissors

D. Cushion

E. Zipper

F. Durable fabrics

G. Thick thread

H. Needle


Step 1

Measure the height and width of your cushions. Some may prefer measuring it from top to bottom, and others may want to measure its circumference. Either way, both are still good.

Step 2

When you're done measuring, make sure to add at least 6 inches for the height and width, so you'll have more allowance in sewing the seam and making it look tidy when the product is finished.

Step 3

Lay your fabrics on a flat table and use the measurements of your cushions to know where to cut them. In cutting your fabrics, it's good to use a cutter or a pair of sharp scissors so you'll be able to cut the fabric straight. You can also fold the fabric to where it should be cut, and slide your cutter through it. In this way, you'll be able to cut the fabrics easily in no time.

Jungle Leaf Pattern Green Blue Colour Soft Chenille Upholstery Fabric JO-1140

Step 4

It's time to sew your fabrics. Get your thread and your needle, or if you have a sewing machine, better. Before sewing, identify the right and wrong side of the fabric; the right side is the one with the colours and prints, and the wrong side is the almost plain one. With this, make sure to always sew on the plain side of the fabric so when you turn it upside down, the stitches and the fabric cuts will not be visible. 

Step 5

In sewing, make sure to go through the sides at least twice. This will create a strong sew, making sure that your covers are tucked well when your cushions are already in.

Step 5

Don't forget to sew your zippers. You can choose any side to sew them, and also make sure to sew it on the wrong side of the fabric, but the zipper should face outwards. Also, give time to sew it nicely and firmly, so your zippers will also stay in place.

Step 6

Now that you are done sewing, you can place the cushions inside your perfectly sewed covers. 

And voila! You're good to go. Enjoy your seemingly new cushions with your desired patterns and designs and bring the best out of your cushions. You can do this in your free time while enjoying your favourite TV shows. Yet, it may require a lot of effort and time but don't worry, everything will turn out perfectly fine. 


Handmade cushion covers

Perhaps you think that cushion covers are just there to be placed in your homes? Well, if you think outside the box, it's also a perfect gift for your loved ones. Handmade cushions are made with time and love, so your loved ones will truly appreciate someone giving them a gift that has a lot of effort, and also a practical one. One downside of this is having a handmade cushion cover that's awkward, but if you put a lot of practice into it while remembering the important steps, you'll be surprised how it will turn out perfectly in no time.

Make something great while staying in your comfort zone with Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of cushion fabrics!

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