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How do you attach blackout fabric to curtains?

The market is full of various types of curtains. Some curtains are made explicitly for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Everybody wants to have a sound sleep. With this, several things can be done to achieve this, and one of them is using blackout curtains. Blackout curtains work well in bedrooms. They offer a chance to have a good sleep and an elegant bedroom.

One of the essential benefits of blackout curtains is their light-blocking ability. This is vital if you have kids at home or if you work at night and need sleep during the day. After your night shift, you might encounter difficulty in sleeping during the day. With this, blackout curtains can help you as it can prevent sunlight from entering your bedroom up to 99%.

Blackout Curtains Are Perfect For Day Time Sleeps

Aside from using it in bedrooms, blackout curtains are ideal in TV or movie rooms in a home too. These curtains can block out light that may disrupt your movie time. When buying a blackout curtain, make sure that they are wide enough so they can cover your entire window.

Aside from blocking light, these curtains are also useful in reducing your energy costs. Sometimes, thermal energy is lost up to 10-25%. Avoiding this scenario is possible with blackout curtains since they can bring down your energy bill up to 25%. Whether it is winter or summer, these curtains will ensure that your energy consumption will be less.

If you are planning to attach your fabric to your blackout curtain, you may follow these simple steps that we provide. You don't have to be an expert to affix your fabric; make sure to pay attention to every step to avoid mistakes.

Measure Your Curtains
The first step is to measure your curtains. In this way, you will know if you have to do cuttings or not. The ideal placement of curtains is 4 to 12 inches above the floor and 6 inches beneath the window sill or a half-inch above it. This all depends if you want your curtains to touch the floor or not.

After deciding on the length, you have to choose the size of your hem and add it to the length. You may now start cutting your fabric using sharp fabric scissors.

Cut Your Curtain Fabric
Cut the fabric for it to fit inside the hem beneath and on both sides of the curtain. To make it easy, you can lay your curtains on the floor and hold them together using sewing pins.

Connect The Fabric
The easiest way to do this is by using hemming web tape and basic iron. Begin working above the curtain to the bottom.

Hang The Curtains
The final task is to hang the curtains. You can now achieve a darker room and a good sleep.

Attaching the fabric to your blackout curtains requires time and patience. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to learn some skills that might help you in the long run.

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