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How to make a round seat cushion

Adding cushions to your seats makes them more comfortable. The fluffiness and the softness of the cushions are a fundamental part to create a better seat at home. The cushions are one with your chairs, providing a more appealing effect so you could not get sore sitting on a hard chair for hours. 

Many types of seats are available in the market. Some are boxed, rectangular, and even rounded to make them more sophisticated. Sure the usual square types are always available in the market. However, round seat cushions can somehow be overwhelming to find as they are usually customised according to chair sizes. Yet, you can always find time to make round seat cushions at home, most especially that most of us are now working remotely.

Making a round seat cushion can be hard. But with a little effort and a dash of artistic confidence in yourself, you can have that amazing round seat cushion at home designed with fabrics that are styled according to your preference. You might take some time making them, but it will be worth the time and effort.

In making the best round seat cushions at home, you need the following:

The instructions are as follows:

1. Measure the diameter of your round chair. However, if it’s not for that purpose, you can skip this part. 

2. Place two sets of fabrics together on a flat surface and pin the edges together (the more pins securing them, the better).

3. When drawing a circle for better aim at cutting, you can use your thread for this process. Knot the ends together, and place the two end loops on each pencil, one on each end. Once done, you can place one pencil at the centre of your fabric, and the other one pulling the former. This provides you a good aim when drawing your circle. After this, you can start gliding the other pencil while your centre pencil is still in place. By this, you can draw an almost perfect circle easily.

4. When your circular pattern is done, cut the fabric with scissors or a sharp cutter while following the circle (the pins are still securing your fabric so it wouldn’t move).

5. If you have two fabrics shaped and cut the same, you can then remove the pins and keep the extra fabrics for other uses.

6. Oops! Don’t sew the fabrics just yet. You still need to get the length of how thick your round cushions must be. In doing this, measure first the diameter of your round cushions, then add your desired width.

7. Once the measurement is done, use your ruler and your pencil to track where your fabrics should be cut. Remember the extra fabrics set aside? If possible, use it. 

8. Cut the fabrics with the tracks you have drawn.

9. Place the cut fabrics in between the two circular fabrics (use your pins for this). Don’t forget to pin them inside out, the wrong part facing you.

10. You can then sew your fabrics together by hand or sewing machine, with the edges of the strip (the one you cut after the circular fabrics) clenched and sewn together with the edges of your circular fabrics. You can sew at least two times for better fabric hold.

11. However, don’t sew up to the very end. You still need to have a small opening so you can turn the fabric inside out. Remember that the outer part is still on the wrong side, and you have to let them face at the inner part of your cushions with the right (printed) part on your exteriors.

12. Once turned, fill your rounded cushions with polyfill or feather fillings. 

13. If already stuffed with the bounciness that you like, you can continue sewing your fabrics until they are fully closed. 


And you’re done! You can now place your rounded seat cushions on your rounded seats, or better yet just place them on your couch.

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Fabrics for cushions

Just a reminder, not all fabrics are good for your cushions. Some may break easily, and others might pill off all of a sudden. When choosing the best upholstery fabric for your cushions, one thing that you should remember is to pick the strongest one available. When cushions are used daily, they need to be as sturdy and strong fabric as possible so you can have an efficient cushion at home.

Velvet fabrics are top-tier for all your upholstery needs as they tend to be strong and give your cushions a firm hold. They also have a great texture, perfect for those who want elegant and chic cushion covers at home.

You can also go with mixes of cotton and polyester for your cushion covers, as both create a soft and reliable form for your cushions. Mixes of natural and synthetic fabrics are very popular in the market today, as they provide you with a natural look while being strong enough to withstand heavy usage.

However, if you want something that brings out class and finesse for your homes, you may also want faux silk for your cushions. The fabric is also strong and lets you have the texture and coolness of real silk while still sticking with your budget. They are very affordable, and people tend to use them to make their cushions glow and provide an iconic statement for them.

For other durable fabrics, you may also browse Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s fabric finder and check our variety of fabric colours and patterns that are designed to your liking. You can also find the details of the fabric for your upholstery fabrics. They can go through thousands of uses without worrying about them wearing and tearing.


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