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How to measure curtains in 3 steps

Curtains can add a beautiful finishing touch to any room. The right fabric, pattern and colour completes the look and in practical terms they add warmth and insulation. When hung well curtains look fabulous whether open or closed. However, in order to have the perfect hanging curtains you must first ensure that your measurements are accurate.

There are only two measurements required but get them wrong and you will end up with ill fitting curtains that look messy and even allow light into the room. This is especially annoying in the bedroom when the early morning sun finds its way into your room.

Read our guide to measuring curtains for the perfect fit and curtains you will love.


1. Calculate the width

A. Measure the width with a curtain pole or track in place

If you already have a curtain track or curtain pole in place great, that’s one less job and easier to measure.

Measure the width of the track or pole excluding any finials on the ends. 

The measurement differs slightly depending on the type of curtain you prefer:

For pencil pleat, eyelet and tab top curtains double this measurement to account for how the curtains will be gathered. 

Finally add a few centimetres to the measurement to ensure that there is an overlap when the curtains are closed. There’s nothing worse than a gap in the curtains.


B. Measure the width without a curtain pole or track

If you haven’t yet chosen your curtain track or pole you will need to measure the width of your window and add 30-40 centimetres.

Again for pencil pleat, eyelet and tab top curtains double this measurement and add a few centimetres for the overlap.

How To Measure Curtains In 3 Steps 

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2. Decide on the length or drop you would like

The length or drop, as it is sometimes referred to, is entirely up to you. You need to know how long you want your curtains before you can measure the length. It can depend on practical factors such as a radiator under the curtains or the look you want to achieve.


The most common options for the length of curtains are:

- Above the windowsill by 1cm

- Below the windowsill by 15cm

- Floor length ending 1cm above the floor


3. Measure the length

Now you know where you would like your curtains to fall, you can measure the length.


The type of curtains you decide on will dictate where you take the measurement from.

A. Pencil pleat on a curtain pole - measure from the bottom of the curtain ring to where you want your curtains to end

B. Pencil pleat on a curtain track - measure from the top of the curtain track to where your curtains will end and add 2-4cm

C. Eyelet or tab curtains on a curtain pole - measure from the top of the pole to where your curtains will end

There you have it. Three steps to accurately measure your curtains. Browse our fabulous range of curtains to find the perfect curtain to complement your style and decor.


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