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Should I buy a chair that stands out or blends in with the rest of my home?

Interior design in your home is a very personal project. Truly great interior designers encapsulate elements of personality within their designs. Depending on preference you will decide whether you should buy a chair that stands out or blends in with the rest of your decor. At The Yorkshire Fabric Shop it is no surprise that we absolutely love an accent chair that stands out.

The definition of accent is to emphasize a particular feature. With this in mind an accent chair should be a feature. In our opinion if it blends in then it isn’t fulfilling its purpose.

Soriana Chair

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Of course there are varying levels of flamboyancy, you can have an accent chair that stands out in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Simplicity can be outstanding. For example you could choose a design that is in keeping with your home but in a different colour. You could choose a different texture or you can go for something that is bold, bright and commands attention.



There are a plethora of fabrics to choose from to make your accent chair a beautiful feature. The key is to choose a different texture. If you have a leather sofa choosing a contrasting velvet upholstered chair will immediately stand out. 



When choosing the style of your accent chair it is best to keep within the theme of your decor. For example if you have a Scandinavian chic room a high backed, grand throne like accent chair will look out of place. A better choice would be a chair that has a nod to the minimal ambience of Scandi chic, slim legs that lift the chair are perfect and a no fuss design to the seat itself. Ensure that your accent chair doesn’t look the same as your sofa, you won’t want it to look like it is part of a set.



This is the easiest way to make your accent chair stand out. Even if the chair is very similar to the other furnishings choosing a contrasting colour will make it pop. It is a fabulous way to inject some personality into your decor. An accent chair in a bold bright colour brings an interesting vibe to your space.



Finally, a large accent chair demands attention. If you are pushed for space a tall chair can look stunning, with its smaller footprint you get the impact without losing too much space. If you are blessed with a large space a huge cuddle chair or large armchair is an inviting feature.

Take a look at our full range of exclusive accent chairs. Each and every one has it’s own stunning features. Use your accent chair to its full potential and add some excitement to your decor.


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