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Top 5 styles of made to measure curtains

Made to measure curtains are becoming more popular for homeowners anywhere in the world. Aside from their unique style and measurements that are perfectly fit to complement your windows, this curtain design sets a statement for your whole interiors while bringing the best out of your window treatments. Made-to-measure curtains set the bar high because they create a more personalised look for your entire abode.

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Moreover, when choosing the best style for your made-to-measure curtains, many fabrics are readily available for you to choose from. You can go with plains, prints, and even choose the best kind of fabric you know that complements your room. As there may be a lot of choices that you can choose from, it is important to know what are the best designs you can incorporate with your home to bring out the best possible appearance for them.

We all know that made-to-measure curtains are produced according to the size that you like. Yet, designs and fabrics also differ from one another, so you must know when and how you can pair them according to size. Knowing the basics will have your windows appear vibrant, bold, and even fresher for a window treatment that looks promising to be used for all seasons.

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Here are the top 5 made to measure curtain styles you might want to have:


As most homeowners are drawn to elegance, velvet made-to-measure curtains provide a bold look for your windows. The deep colours are probably one of the best styles that you want to choose, as velvet promotes depth and a smooth texture for your curtains. 

As popularly known, it is a thick and therefore strong fabric, letting you enhance the privacy and tenacity of your windows, providing you with more privacy and more control over the sunlight that comes in. This curtain design is best for made-to-measure curtains that are long, creating an unending plush from your pole to your floor. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to have only one panel for velvets, as having them in various numbers may appear too rowdy and disorganised. Just one and you are done!

Amalfi Patchwork Pattern Printed Velvet Pink Burgundy Red Colour Upholstery Fabric


If you are more with the artistic kind of style for your made-to-measure curtains, patterned fabrics are also available according to the design that you want. You may want to have lines, spirals, and even animal prints for them. 

Damask, brocade, and jacquard fabrics are best known to generate a traditional and artistic look for your window treatments, while also catering to your curtain needs like no other. These provide you with animal and plant stylish designs so to best create a statement for your entire home without having to paint a part of your wall any more. However, these made-to-measure styles must be paired with homes with plain coloured walls only, as incorporating it with your printed walls might look very untidy and too much. Moreover, printed fabrics can be paired both for short and long made to measure curtains. It’s best for all types of curtain sizes. 

If you have dark coloured walls, be sure to have made-to-measure curtains in light colours so your room would not appear too dark. Yet, if you have light coloured walls, you can have either dark or light coloured fabrics for them. Mixing and matching is the secret key!

Made to measure curtains for the home, fabric supplied by Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Pleats are also timely

If you think that pleats are just too conventional and old-fashioned for your homes, then think again. Pleats can be a way to bring more design to your curtains, which provides them with more style to achieve a creative yet classic look for your homes.

While pleats were only a thing decades ago, modern designs for curtains still associate them so you can have more depth and structure for all your made-to-measure curtains. Others consider using different pleat styles for their window covers, as having them short and flat can appear too boring and out of taste. Thus, you can pair short made-to-measure curtains with box pleats, rod pocket pleats, pinch pleats, tailored pleats, and goblet pleats to add more sense to your curtains. Yet, it must be remembered that pleats are only good for thick and stiff fabrics like canvas, corduroy, wool, or chenille fabrics, as they can define the shape of your made-to-measure curtains from top to bottom. You may also want to try patterns in animal patterns so it can make your curtains appear classy and timeless.

Made to measure curtains from Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Alternating fabrics

One artistic way to install your window covers is to have alternating colours for your windows. If you have decided to have made to measure curtains with 3 panels for your wide window, it is probably best to use alternating fabrics in 2 colours; right and left with the same colours and 1 contrasting colour at the centre.

Having alternating colours does not only funk up your curtains but also sets a lively appearance that everyone can appreciate. This style is best for those who also want to create depth and artistry for their made-to-measure curtains. You can go with two whites on each side, and have something in deep colour at the centre. This also means you can have many colours to choose from, depending on how the colours complement each other. 

Thin fabrics for a fresh look

Wiltshire Plain Poly Cotton Flat Weave Upholstery Curtains Fabric In White Colour - Made To Measure Curtains

Some may regard thin fabrics as weak pieces of cloth. However, if it is composed of natural and synthetic fabrics built into one, it is probably good to let go of the negative thought. The mixes of both fabrics can generate a durable curtain, which you can use every day for your homes.

Thin fabrics are very good for those living in the countryside, letting that curtain flow freely with the fresh breeze of air from the outside. Thin fabrics like cotton and linen still provide you with much privacy, while also letting the light come in soft into your homes. Thin fabrics also generate a feeling of comfiness, warmth, and fresh look that you can enjoy almost every day. 

Don’t let the norm fool you; thin fabrics might be the best option for you!

Different styles of made-to-measure curtains are always available at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. May it be thick, thin, and patterned ones, we always have the best solution for your made-to-measure curtains and we come in ready to provide you with fabrics that are always available. We’re here to help you achieve the best look while providing you with durable fabrics for your interiors to look their best through our wide array of curtains.

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