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What are curtain finials?

Curtains in homes have been waving and draping beautifully for centuries. The curtains are a possible way to keep too much sunlight from coming in and more than just a decorative window treatment to style your home. However, curtains do not hang just entirely by themselves, as they may need assistance from rods for them to flow from head to toe and look good while achieving their best function.

Since the rod is the skeleton of your curtain, one must also make sure to have them uniquely designed for a well-thought window treatment. Sure it is covered by the fabrics of your curtains, but the additional rod on the top sides of it must also be better looking. The sides of the rods aren't useless as most people might think - these seemingly unwanted sides are actually called the finials.

 Chrome curtain finial

Curtain finials are practically designed so your curtain fabrics can be put in place. More than just the rod, the finials set the limit to where the curtain fabrics must end so it would not appear rowdy and far from being neat. The finials also are where the hook of each side is placed, so you'll also be able to know how long your curtains should be when purchasing at your favourite fabric stores. Consequently, finials aren't just there to be hooked; they can be an added decoration to your whole window treatment too.

Finials are very common in modern architecture. They are seen in stairs, chairs, tables, and your curtain rod as well. They can be made using different types of materials from iron to wood so you'll always have a choice whether it suits your interiors or not. In other ways, finials are also very decorative as they can be designed with hooks, spheres, and even ornaments to bring out the best not just for your curtains but to its skeleton as well. The most fun thing about finials is they can be interchangeable, depending on your taste. You can even match it with the design of your curtains to produce a more decorative rod for your curtains.

curtain fabric available at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

One thing to consider about choosing the best finials is to incorporate them with your curtain rod. Normally, steel finials go with steel rods, and wooden rods go with wooden finials. If you want a striking finial like a diamond, you can have it with your silver rods as it goes well with it. There is actually no rule in choosing your finials, you can be as creative as possible and just go with what you like. Just remember that the rod material and finial must match each other so you can have a coordinated appearance which can also improve your space.

Curtaining fabric from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Now that you are aware that finials are also an important frame for your curtains, it is best to make the first move in buying different curtain finials for an added creativity to your homes. Given the availability of finials, you can have as much as you like as it can also be interchangeable which can also suit the look you want to achieve for your homes. Remember to mix and match and be creative as much as possible so you can have a better-looking window treatment; not just with the fabrics but with its pole as well

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