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What are special fabrics?

It might be easy to say that we know what fabrics we want because it's just what we understand we want. However, it is also essential to know what type of material we should use for different causes. We might not seem to notice it, but fabrics are widely used not just in clothing, but in upholstery and curtains as well. From clothing, carpets, and sofas; fabrics have been an integral part of our homes. 

Special Fabrics For Home

Yet, fabrics can be considered special depending on their durability when it comes to withstanding external factors like water, heat, or even weight. It may seem unimportant as people opt for anything they want and think it’s right. Yet, it is also rational to say as to what extent our chosen fabric can survive various factors, even inside our homes. With this, it is then safe to say that special fabrics disregard fabrics for fashion, but instead used for non-clothing purposes. 

Drapes To Hang:

The Best Curtain Fabrics To Level Up Your Home

Curtains are much more than a piece of cloth to block the light and give privacy. It is also a contributor to giving more ambience to your house, making it more presentable, and more comfortable not just for the owners but for visitors as well. 

Certain types of fabrics are best for curtains. The choice can be somehow overwhelming but worry no more! Let's get to giving you an idea of what the best curtains for your home are. 

Linen is perfect for a casual dining and living room area. It's an excellent curtain to block and show some sunlight into your homes. If you wanted to make a fresh and airy look to your home, linen might be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, it's also being reminded to only dry clean linen curtains, as it is prone to wrinkling when washed. It creases easily so better hang it directly after cleaning. Need not fold, mate! 

Cotton can provide an elegant yet crisp feel to your homes. It is very versatile that it can be thick and can also be thin, depending on your preference as to how much light you should let in. Cotton is breathable and lightweight, and above all inexpensive too! Yet, with various washing of cotton fabrics, it's colour easily fades. Cotton is preferably best to be placed in areas where there isn't a lot of moisture; your bedroom, for example.

Let it not be in your bathrooms nor your kitchen if you also want to maintain the quality of its colour. 

Considered as one of the heaviest fabrics, velvet is a thick piece of cloth which makes a good heat insulator. It's good at preserving the temperature inside our homes. As observed, velvet is much used in luxurious hotels. For decades, it is considered to provide a sense of opulence and boldness around the area where it is used. 

Still, it is imperative to remember that velvet fabric must be used in the place where dust and odour are less prominent. Due to the thickness of the fabric, it tends to absorb tiny particles more. Thus, velvet fabric, as luxurious as it may look, also needs to be vacuumed as much as possible to avoid it from smelling horribly and also prevent from gathering dust over time. 

Silk has been used by centuries, just like linen and cotton. It gives a romantic and dreamy feeling to the room ambience because of its elegant and shiny look. Silk is very durable, not easily wrinkled, and is elastic enough to retain its shape. Ideally, silk is often used is dining areas and bedrooms. 

However, like cotton, silk is commonly susceptible to fading and can easily be sun-damaged, thus dry cleaning is recommended when cleaning it. It can be sometimes pricey, so most people often want the imitation ones. 

But who can resist the elegance of true silk? 

Your Living Room Essential:

Sofas & Fabrics Aligned

Interior Of A Home With Textiles

If you ever thought fabrics go with clothes and curtains, then you are mistaken. Fabrics have been present in our tables and chairs, and it has been used for upholstery since the 17th century. It's also important to take into consideration what fabric you would want on your sofa. Your sofas are used daily, so it is important to test and equate its durability more than just how it looks.

The most common upholstery material is leather. Though there are various types of leather, one thing's for sure that it mainly comes from animals. It's manufactured and processed meticulously to be able to give a strong fabric that is durable and waterproof.

Although leather is trendy, it is also quite expensive. This is why consumers would much more prefer faux leather than the real one. However, some synthetic characteristic of imitations might lead to poor performance, and thus, a lesser quality than the real one. You might regard it as expensive, but truthfully, it's more than better quality-wise. It's even very easy to clean plus it ages well! 

Take a look at Yorkshire Fabric Shops eco leather fabrics named Slav & Hudson. They are made from real leather but also faux leather. Ultra hardwearing available in a range of colours, you won't be disappointed.

Wool is a durable and hardwearing piece of fabric for upholstery. It comes from natural materials and does not undergo chemical treatment that much. The best characteristics of wool are that it's fire-resistant, and it repels moisture too. Wool does not easily wrinkle, plus it does not trap moisture, thus preventing it from the mould. 

In addition, it's also resistant to pilling and fading. So much for a fabric that's self-sustaining! Even so, wool can still be relatively expensive for those on a budget. 

Polyester can withstand sun exposure well. Its fibres are very durable, and it tends to release water-based stains and thus can preserve the quality of its colour. Due to the fibre’s resilience to external factors at home, it can prevent itself from having a saggy look even with everyday use. 

However, polyester is vulnerable to excess heat and burns. This is why it is advisable just for living, dining, and bedroom chairs. In most cases, it is also blended with other types of fibre to produce a more durable and also improve the quality of polyester. 

Velvet is everywhere. Its texture feels great to be sat and slept on. Velvet transcends style, trend, and feel to any of its consumers. Living in an area where it's always cold, velvet can help you feel cosy. It might seem luxurious, but it's also not that extravagant. 

Velvet is perfect for traditional and modern homes alike! Just remember that velvet should be regularly cleaned and vacuumed to be able to prevent stains and dust from accumulating. Velvet needs tender care and should not be abused for it to last. Who would have thought that couches can still be good for sleeping with velvet fabric on! 

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These are just the most common types of fabrics used for curtains and upholstery. With this, we should also take into consideration to purchase fabrics not only good in appearance but also great at the quality. Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers a lot; from types of fabrics to endless patterns, the choices yours.


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