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What colour cushion should I use?

The decorative and practical use of cushions has been within every corner of everyone's homes. Cushions and Pillows are great for sitting and sleeping on but also add to the interior of your homes. They have also been deemed a necessary addition to our sofas and couches, so we can have a more comfortable seating experience rather than resting on a hard surface.

In its decorative sense, cushions can be styled and designed depending on the type you like. If you want to be minimal, you can have plain colours; or if you want to achieve an artistic touch-up, you can have patterned and designed cushions to make your chair designs pop out. Either way, it is best to choose the right colours and designs so your cushions can properly provide a better addition to a lovely household. 

Yet, some still do not know what to properly buy for their cushions. Others just unconsciously buy them with their favourite designs, yet it probably does not fit their interiors. In this case, you might get the wrong cushion for your home, and instead of achieving the best look, your sofa treatments might look off. Thus, it is recommended to remember to choose the right cushion covers, so nothing would go wrong with your seats.

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Things to remember when buying your coloured cushions

The best tip to remember when buying your colour cushions is to mix and match. This means that you need to have varying colours for your cushions so they would not appear boring. A mix of colour brings your designs to life, so better yet think of colours that coordinate with each other. Moreover, it must also go with your sofa colours so your cushions and seats will look great together. Colour mixing and matching create uniqueness to be able to eliminate repetition and provide a sense of readability. This gives emphasis not only on your cushions and chairs but on the entire design of your home as well. Apart from this, choosing the best and most appropriate colours of your home depicts how well you can bring out the best aesthetic so give your full efforts to it.


Cushion and sofa colours: What to put best

If you happen to have light coloured sofas like grey, white, beige, or tones that are close to it, pick dark cushion colours. You can choose black, blue, or green; nevertheless, pick the darker shades of it. Black paired with light sofas are great to create a contrast of colours. Blue is good to make your room look cooler, as it also depicts the colours of the ocean. Moreover, green is a wonderful colour to bring out the colour of breathability to your chairs. Also, complementing colours can let you have a striking effect on your chairs, so keep it in mind.

Consequently, if you want to incorporate more colours into your cushions, you can have them paired with other colours too. For example, black is better paired with white, while dark blue is a perfect pair of baby blue or the lighter shade of blue. Meanwhile, green is also paired with lighter shades of brown. 

In contrast, darker sofas must also have lighter colours. Just like light-coloured couches, darker sofa shades are the perfect pair with light-coloured cushions. For example, sofas in black or dark grey fit perfectly with white cushions, but the latter can also be paired with other coloured cushions in lighter shades. 

Thus, it's necessary to mix and match layout depth and a particular tasteful style for your chairs.


Designed couches

For those that have a sofa that is already designed and patterned, you must also remember to have plain-coloured cushions for your sofas. If it ever happens that you also choose a patterned cushion placed on your patterned chairs, chances are it would appear rowdy and disorganised. Aside from mixing and matching colours, you must also be able to neutralise the designs incorporated into your sofas and cushions. This means that a patterned chair goes better with plain colours, so set a balance of artistry and minimalism to your chairs.

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Other tips

In choosing the best cushion covers, it is also important to provide the best quality fabrics aside from being artistically inclined to it. Purchasing the fabrics at quality stores must always be your best option so your cushions will achieve the best look while also preventing them from being wrinkled and worn off. Aside from this, it is also necessary to have the right fabrics for your cushions. Fabrics that are a product of natural and synthetic are best for homes nowadays, as they are more durable even after intensive use. 

Canvas, chenille, polyester, and mixes of cotton fibres are usually good for curtains, but they can be a good investment for your cushions too. These types of fabrics are made for everyday use and can withstand atmospheric factors like heat and humidity. 

If you're looking for the best fabrics to have for your cushions, you can check out Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of cushion fabrics. The fabrics are made especially to be used in homes and go through rub tests to ensure they are strong. Moreover, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop also accepts made-to-measure fabrics so you'll have your cushion covers ready-made to be used directly. What's more, the shop is ready to serve customers at the convenience of their own homes as they already cater fabric purchases online, and they can send free swatches too. What more could you ask for?

The best colours for your cushions are not the ones that you actually want, but the fabrics that can coordinate with your design and your sofas. It is always necessary to mix and match cushion colours so you will be able to make a statement for your chairs. The sofa and cushion colours must always go together to neutralise your sofa treatments perfectly. Thus, dark and light colours must go hand in hand so you'll have the perfect cushion colours for your home.

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