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Yorkshire Fabric Shop Rainbow

What colour trend will you be seeing everywhere in 2021 … on upholstery, furnishings and curtains?

The in colour to have in 2021 has been revealed as … teal.

Yes, you’ll be seeing the blue green colour everywhere this year so here at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop we’ve really embraced it and provided a ‘tealific’ (sorry) upholstery range for you.

Let’s face it, coronavirus-ravaged 2020 will go down as a drab, depressing year due to the lockdowns and Tier systems. Holidays have been cancelled and people have ended up staring at their four walls rather than the beauty of the Aegean Sea or the breathtaking green waters of Venice.

Well, that splash of colour will become a deluge in 2021 – let’s hope brighter days are ahead in every sense of the word. The beauty of teal is that it’s the perfect bridge between warm blue and cool green so can be really uplifting for both the eye and the soul.

It’s soothing and comfortable but also has an earthy, homely organic feel to it, bringing the outdoors inside.

So here we go … our top 10 upholstery suggestions from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop for a 2021 teal makeover. We’ve added the codes so you can easily find them. To see these and all the others we do try our unique fabric finder at


If you like shapes try our diamond tile pattern in cut velvet textured blue teal (JO-991)


The essence of nature is captured in this velvet birds, flowers and leaves pattern (CTR-443)


We just couldn’t resist adding this as it’s a reminder of times in sunnier climes even on a dark, wet winter’s day. It’s printed velvet fabric featuring colourful outdoor street scenes from warmer countries (CTR-468)


For a really classy look why not go for this floral collection print velvet featuring a blue teal damask pattern (CTR-974)


If you’re a tartan fan you’ll love this Glencoe silver blue flat weave chenille faded tartan pattern (CTR-840)


There is something so wonderfully natural about this teal silver leaf patterned chenille (JO-1100)


One for leather-look fans here with this teal blue Suffolk vinyl faux leather material (Suffolk-90)

Suffolk 90

Bring the garden into your home with this teal pink natural brown calico flower pattern in chenille (JO-243)


For that heraldic feel that turns your home into your castle go for this teal velvet fleur-de-lis theme (JO-1325)


If you love a soft feel and ultra-comfort you’d be hard-pushed to find anything better than this smooth chenille teal green damask (CTR-227)



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