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What Curtain Fabric Should I Go For?

There are so many gorgeous curtain fabrics out there to choose from it can be a daunting task. Your curtains complete the look of your room, add a luxurious finish that brings your decor together and practically speaking they keep you warm and offer privacy. Choosing the wrong curtain fabric could leave you disappointed.

The good news is with our extensive range of stunning curtain fabrics you are sure to find the perfect match for you, your style and your decor.

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We have put together this guide of a few things to think about when you are choosing your curtain fabric.


Fabric Style

This is probably the most important factor. Curtains are a big part of your room, if you don’t love the way you look it will alter the whole ambience of the room and how you feel when you are in there. 


Ask yourself a few questions: 

What colour curtain fabric would you like?

Would you like a pattern?

What type of curtain do you want, curtain pleat, tab top?

Do you want your curtains to make a statement?

Or are you looking for more subtlety?

Our handy fabric finder is a great tool to help you to browse through our curtain fabrics and find the perfect fit for your room.

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The Function of the Curtain Fabric

Depending upon the function of the curtain fabric your choice may be affected. For example a front door curtain may call for a much heavier fabric to keep out drafts than a bedroom window. For a bedroom the importance of a blackout fabric comes into play as you will not want to be woken up by the morning sun creeping through the weave in your curtains. This is less important in the dining room for example. 

Some curtains are purely for decoration and are never closed. For such curtains you need to be less concerned with wear and tear so a lighter fabric may be an option.


Curtain Fabric Treatments

Maintenance of any fabric is an essential consideration. Fabric, even hung as curtains, will pick up dirt, dust and grime. Any fabric will appear lacklustre over time. This is why regular maintenance is imperative to extend the life of your curtains. Removing dust with a frequent hoover is a good way to keep your curtains looking fresh. However, we recommend applying additional treatments such as water resistant or stain resistant fabric protection to ensure they remain looking their best. Accidents happen, especially in a busy home.

In terms of safety all fabrics are deemed safe for domestic use and have been tested to ensure your safety. However, for further peace of mind, our flame retardant protection is a popular choice. 

If you are ready to find your perfect curtain fabric browse our huge selection.


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