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What different styles of Roman Blinds are there?

Roman blinds have been associated with our windows for several decades. They offer many benefits, such as helping you control how much light and heat gets into your home. They also add privacy and decoration, especially with the many designs they can come in. They are minimalist and practical, therefore you can save on curtain fabric, meaning you have to spend less money on it. Also, depending on the fabric, Roman blinds can be long-lasting. There are plenty of designs to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for your home. Just like window pleats and different window frames, you can choose unique styles of roman blinds for better aesthetics and window treatments at home. If you aren’t familiar with what designs are available, here’s a list of options. 

JO-237 Fabric Patterned Roman Blind

Flat Roman Blinds

This type of Roman shade is flat and neat, making it perfect for displaying different patterns and fabric designs. They are best paired with light and patterned curtain fabrics, such as damask and velvet. Despite their neat appearance, they can also be adjusted to produce pleats, making for a more dynamic look. 

Hobbled Roman Blinds

These blinds have a folded look when fully drawn, providing an elegant ripple effect that’s very visually appealing in a home. Also known as the waterfall or cascade roman shade, it has folded in between even though it is already fully extended. Given that the ripple effect will disrupt any patterned fabrics, this type of Roman blind is best suited with plain fabrics. Hobbled Roman blinds can also improve your window treatments, as the lines in between the skeleton of the blind make your window and your entire room appear deeper and wider for an improved interior.

Pleated London Roman Blinds

This Roman blind has been used by homeowners for centuries, so it’s fitting for anyone who wants to bring a classic and traditional look to their home. It has been used by homeowners for centuries and brings out a rich and elegant touch to your room as a whole. These blinds have strings on both sides, and once pulled they create pleats at the bottom of the blind, leaving it in an oval shape. These are best paired with damask and velvet curtain fabrics

Roman blind floral patterned fabric

Relaxed Roman Blinds

These blinds can be both flat and pleated, given that they create a flat look when fully draped, though once they are adjusted they create a circular shape at the bottom. Relaxed Roman blinds can also be paired with velvet and damask fabrics, but they are also great with other fabrics made with mixes of cotton, polyester, and linen.

Roman Blinds and Fabrics

Roman blinds are usually associated with plastic so that they can be easily maintained. However, they can also be paired with other curtain fabrics such as velvet, damask, cotton, and synthetic fabrics, so they can be decorative as well as practical. If you’re looking to install some Roman blinds, feel free to explore our range of Roman blind fabrics here at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. You can choose whatever fabric type, design, and colour that you want in order to create a more customised blind that suits your home.

Roman blinds for the home


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