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What fabric should I use for my cushion covers?

The face of fabrics has grown immensely over the past decades. Fabrics are enjoyed in the widest variety by homeowners to make their rooms more decorative and at the same time have the ability to provide a decorative interior in any room. A lot of fabric types can now be used for curtains, and sofa cushions as well. 

Some say that sofas are complete with just a good spring. However, sitting in a comfortable chair is very important for us, especially after a day of errands. Perhaps, investing in a good sofa is not complete without the presence of cushions. Since time immemorial, cushions have been a huge part of every sofa; both are innately inseparable, and it would be rare to see a sofa without a single cushion on it. Your cushions should have the best care and materials just like your chairs.

Cushions must always be given importance to provide the best for your chairs. Apart from investing in a good pillow, your cushions must also have great covers to be able to protect them from being damaged. As cushions are intensively used at home, it shouldn't be a question as to why you must also see to it that the cushion covers should also have special fabric with them. Yet, how do we know if the fabric is good? Will it be according to design only or must it also be a practical fabric cover?

Fabric For Cushions

What are the best fabrics for my cushion?

As cushions tend to be used in offices and homes now and then, you should at least provide them with great fabrics to be more protected and prevent them from being damaged. There are a lot of good fabrics on the market, yet you need to choose the perfect fit for them. In different instances, cushions may have the same purpose, but they can also be used in different parts of offices or homes; the fabric type is a very important thing to remember to give out the best care for cushions on any occasion. For example, cushion fabrics in the bedroom should be soft, whereas cushion fabrics outside your patios should be sturdy. Differences in the atmosphere and use must be taken into account as well.


Cotton and linen

Cotton and linen are the most common cushion fabrics you can find in home depots and fabric stores. Both fabrics are washable as well as hypoallergenic to prevent anyone from catching itchiness just because of the fabric type. Cotton's prominent availability makes it great for every home and cushion needs. It's also a cool fabric, which makes it even more comfortable to use indoors, even at home, or in your office. However, it is only good to be used inside rooms, as having it wet and dried always due to weather conditions can easily damage the fabric. Moreover, linen is believed to be antimicrobial, mildew-resistant, and unlikely to pill so it's great for indoor and outdoor use. Linen is also lightweight as cotton, and can also be resistant to heat which is great outside. 


Nylon and polyester

The synthetic fibres used to produce nylon and polyester make both fabrics very strong. Synthetic materials are usually hard-wearing which makes them a great choice in areas where the cushions are intensively used. The durability of both fabrics give your cushions a protected wear and can withstand high usage. Both are also great to be placed outdoors, as they are also resistant to heat and do not easily get damaged by too much heat caused by sunlight. Apart from their heat resistance properties, polyester and nylon are mould-resistant and do not wrinkle or stretch easily. 



Perhaps you did not expect it, but canvas fabric is a great choice, especially for outdoor use. Canvas is an extremely strong fabric and is hard-wearing to also survive in extreme weather conditions. Canvas cushion fabrics are very much preferred by those who also want to place their cushions outside, as they can be waterproof and do not easily get damaged by the sun. However, canvas fabrics are hard, but great for outdoor use.


Faux silk

The smooth texture and comfortable touch of faux silk make it great for cushions inside your bedroom. The elegance of faux silk gives it an iconic look, better used in areas where you want to feel comfortable and calm. In contrast to the popular belief of silk where it can easily pull off, faux silk is made of synthetic fibres to provide the durability of fabrics anyone needs for their cushion. Faux silk can be a protective cover to your cushions while still bringing smoothness and luxury to your sofas. 



As classy as silk, velvet can also be a durable fabric that can turn out to be perfect for your cushions. The woven and tufted fabric of velvet gives your cushions depth, while also seeing to it that your cushion fabrics cannot easily wear out. The plush look of velvet fabrics is made from various fibres; a combination of natural and synthetic threads woven together to bring a calming look while providing durability to your cushions. Even though the material is extremely soft, it can also withstand heavy usage at home.

Velvet Fabric


If you want to achieve a cozy vibe while providing the best care for your cushions, then wool should be on your list. Preferred because of its eco qualities, wool is also flame retardant and hypoallergenic, preventing dust mites. More so, the textured surface of wool creates a richness to the fabric, and it is very strong, meaning it does not crease easily. Wool is great for summer and winter too!

In providing the best for your cushions, you must also invest in the best cushion fabrics that are stylish and durable. Cushions are made to be used at homes and offices, so it is best to choose fabrics that are strong and resistant to damage. Correspondingly, when choosing your cushion covers, you might even want to have different types of colours and designs to them - and that's okay. Cushions covers should also be creative as well.


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