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What fabric should I use to upholster a gaming chair?

With the prominence of fabrics for cushions, many people have started choosing many varieties of fabrics for their chairs. Cushions in fabrics provide comfort when being seated yet also give protection so your cushions can last longer. Meanwhile, fabrics also help bring out a striking interior where you can always mix and match fabric patterns and designs for a more lovely home. Both uses of fabrics are appreciated by most homeowners and that's why they are found in every home you are bound to visit.

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Upholstery is the process wherein the cushions of the chair are replaced with a newer fabric. In this manner, old chairs can be restored back to life to preserve and give longevity to your favourite chair frames. Moreover, upholstery also sets out a fantastic treatment to your chairs, making them more durable to withstand heavy usage in the future. Apart from this, having your chairs upholstered may give you the freedom to decide how to decorate your chairs for a more customised look for them. You can choose from patterns, colours, and designs for a more personal touch in any sofa or couch space. Thus, upholstery is the best chair treatment you can always have so your chairs would look fresh and new even after a long time.

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Perhaps you only thought of upholstery as making your sofa look beautiful after devising it. In another sense, you can upholster all kinds of chairs; from your dining chairs and your gaming chairs, having them upholstered can be a great idea too! Maybe you have that plain and boring gaming chair that has withered leather or worn-out cushions. In upholstery, you can have different kinds of fabrics that can be used according to your liking. Getting fabrics can make you feel more comfortable while playing your favourite video games all day long.

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Fabrics for gaming chairs

You might be wondering whether or not you should incorporate having other types of fabrics for your gaming chairs. Worry not as fabrics can be cozy and durable for all-day uses; a practical and innovative way to winning your video game matches in the future. You can have these type of fabrics for your gaming chairs:


Evidently the most used gaming chair treatment of all time, leather is a top choice for every gaming chair. Leather is a great type of material made from mixes of synthetic fabrics so it can prevent water absorption and may also control dust from inhibiting your chairs. Many fabric stores offer leather yield more than the traditional cowhide and do not show any natural marks that are very much seen on most leather nowadays. Yorkshire Fabric Shop's leather is made of premium grade materials and is tested through 100,000 rub tests, which shows its durability. Moreover, the glossy and smooth surface of the leather is ideal as liquid substance can be easily rubbed off so you wouldn't get hysterical if something wet comes in contact with them; it's easy to clean and great for all gamers, pro or not.


One of the most common types of fabric to be used for your chairs, velvet also is appropriate to be used for gaming chairs. As gamers tend to sit on their chairs for hours, velvet provides breathable and warm comfort for your gaming essentials. The tight weave of velvet fabrics is also durable for intensive use and does not crumble easily in long hours of using. Consequently, the smooth texture of velvet provides you with luxurious, comfort-like in-hotel chairs, but with a twist of reclined comfort when gaming. It is hard-wearing and very practical, lasting years. Want that plush and levelled feeling to your gaming chairs? Perhaps it's best to try velvet.


If you are more into having textured and seemingly rough fabrics for your gaming chairs, you can also try choosing chenille upholstery fabrics. Chenille is an elegant fabric that brings out a soft and fuzzy texture while maintaining a comfortable setting for anyone who uses it. This type of fabric is also very durable due to its tufted and strong weave, which makes it a top choice for those who want to have a chair cover that can withstand heavy usage.


Polyester must be a top choice for your gaming chairs due to its synthetic fibres that can produce a strong fabric. Polyester is fairly resistant to abrasion and also can prevent stains from getting into your gaming chairs. One of the reasons why many people prefer this type of fabric is its easy-cleaning property. It dries very quickly when you have to brush off unwanted stains and when the fabric gets wet. Polyester is also a hypoallergenic type and odour-free as it does not easily absorb the smell, unlike cotton and linen. 

Unending fabric design choices

If you want to go for leather for your gaming chairs, chances are you will have a plain-coloured fabric as it cannot be designed like other upholstery fabrics. Nevertheless, if you want to have a creative gaming chair apart from the usual ones, you can always choose fabrics with many patterns, colours, and designs to keep you from using the same old classic gaming chairs mostly found in gaming shops. Yet, you must also consider picking durable fabrics, as gaming chairs are used intensively most especially for people who always find time sitting for hours while playing their consoles or online gaming wars. If you wish to purchase premium grade fabrics, you can visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of upholstery fabrics to make sure you buy your money's worth.

Your gaming chairs can be a creative work of art too. You can always choose from a wide array of fabrics so you'll sit on a comfortable, durable, and creative chair for a more fun gaming experience at home. More so, you can also design your office chairs so you can have a choice to customise them.

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