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What Is A Boho Cushion And Should I Buy One?

The short answer is no you shouldn’t buy one boho cushion you should buy several. If you are creating a boho chic style in your living space one boho cushion simply isn’t enough.

Firstly let's take a look at boho and what this means in design.

Boho Cushions By Yorkshire Fabric Shop


Definition of boho

Boho comes from the term Bohemian, a term used to describe those who don’t conform to society, they tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Often used to describe those who lead a less conventional life of travelling, often thespians and artists who embrace the laid back vibe that such a lifestyle affords them. 

In terms of design boho tends to include an eclectic mix of colours, textures and patterns. The important part of boho style is to create a relaxed, personal look. Boho styled interiors tend to borrow from many different cultures creating a beautiful variety and interesting look.

The rule breaking bohemian way of life transfers to a boho chic interior. There are no rules.

By that definition a boho cushion can be anything from a beautiful fringed cushion, a textured cushion with a bold pattern, think tassels, texture and unconformity. Creating a true boho chic interior requires layers of cushions with a variety of textures, colours and patterns.


What styles suit boho

If a full boho decor isn’t quite what you would like, but are intrigued by it’s desirable relaxed vibe, cushions are a great way to experiment with the look. A certain aesthetic will suit a boho touch. If you have a relaxed style to your home boho cushions will fit in perfectly. If you love a warm cosy ambiance, boho will enhance this in your home. 

Fans of layering have the perfect basis for creating a boho look and comfortable cottage styles can look great with a little boho influence.

If you are not sure if boho is for you try adding some boho cushions in one room and see if you get the vibe. 


When to avoid boho

There are of course some styles that are not compatible with the unconventionality of the boho look and a boho cushion would simply look out of place. If you have a stark minimalist home you will find that boho cushions won’t look right. If you are a “less is more” decorator then boho is not for you, it is a contradiction in styles and you will not be comfortable with the result.


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