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What is overstock upholstery fabric

It’s common to see overstock items in boutiques, markets, and other shops. These items are usually cheaper than other products.

In fabric shops, having overstock happens as well.

Upholstery Over Stocked Fabrics

Where does overstock upholstery fabrics come from?

In the fabric industry, waste is accumulated during the production process of fabrics. These leftovers may include damaged fibres or fabrics, unfinished furniture, overproduction, and cuttings.

Overstock upholstery fabrics can also happen when the shop ordered extra yardage than what is needed. Most of the time, fabric stores order extra yardage to cover losses in production.

Defective fabrics that can’t be utilised are either sold at a very low price or destroyed to meet company standards. It’s common to happen in luxury brands since they have a higher standard for fabrics.


What can you do with overstock upholstery fabrics?

After finishing a piece of furniture, you’re more likely to have excess fabrics. Some of you may think that the leftover materials are now useless.

Instead of putting them straight to the trash can, why don’t you maximise them to save money and the environment?

There are several ways for you to do this. Regardless of the size of the scraps, you can still make use of them.

Here are some recycling ideas that you can do for your overstock upholstery fabrics:

• You can use fabrics as book covers. You may glue or sew the fabric scraps to the original book cover. Doing this project allows you to improve your books' appearance and protect them from moulds and dirt.

• If you have vast amounts of overstock fabrics, you can make handmade cushions out of them. You may look on the web to find patterns and designs.

• If you have lampshades at home, you can use the excess fabrics to decorate them. Wrap around the material to the lampshade frame and fold them at the edges. Stitch them or put a glue to secure the fabric.


Where to buy overstock upholstery fabrics?

Some fabric shops use overstock upholstery fabrics as part of their sustainability efforts. Still, some fabric shops avoid overstock due to repeatability issues. If there’s a high demand for a specific type of fabrics, consumers complain about low supply or unavailability.

Stereotyping occurs with regards to overstock fabrics. Most people think that overstock fabrics are second hand or waste items.

Overstock fabrics are more likely fresh materials. If they’re still on the roll, they can be a source of a more affordable fabric. It’s ideal if you’re looking for cheaper fabrics.

Several stores and warehouses sell overstock fabrics. Since these shops sell materials at lower prices, consumers tend to be suspicious about the quality and the place where the fabrics came from.

Remember that overstock fabrics don’t usually have the best designs compared with branded materials. However, this doesn’t mean they have poor qualities and dull appearance.

Choosing whether to buy overstock upholstery fabrics or not lies in your preference, budget, and needs at the end of the day.

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