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What is the best fabric for Roman blinds?

Roman blinds have remained popular for centuries which is a testament to their efficiency as window covers and an alternative to curtains. Roman blinds are enhanced by the fabrics they are paired with, so it is essential to choose the most suitable fabrics for them in order for them to complement your space. Different fabrics pair better with certain types of Roman blinds. When searching, you also need to consider what would be good for the space where you’re installing the blinds. If you aren’t sure what fabrics are available to pair with Roman blinds, we’ve compiled together a list for you.

Amalfi Patchwork Pattern Printed Velvet Pink Burgundy Red Colour Upholstery Fabric - Roman Blinds


Velvet is found on many lists such as this one because it can be used for chairs and cushions as well as blinds; it provides versatility and elegance. Velvet fabric is thick and heavy because it is comprised of several piles of fabric sewn together, which is done for strength and durability purposes. Furthermore, the texture of velvet gives colours more depth and prevents them from fading after prolonged use. Many velvet fabrics also pair well with classic patterns, so velvet is a suitable choice for those who want a traditional interior for their homes. Velvet fabrics can be paired with pleated London, flat, or relaxed Roman blinds. 

Soft Textured Velvet Floral Pattern Upholstery Fabrics In Grey Green Colour JO-1190 - Roman Blinds


Jacquard fabric is made from a variety of natural and synthetic fibres such as faux silk, cotton, and polyester. This mix of fabrics create a crisp look for your Roman blinds, making them look sleek and formal, meaning Jacquard is ideal for Roman blinds in both homes and offices. It offers a lot of versatility because it can be paired with all types of Roman blinds, however, it specifically pairs well with hobbled, ribbed, and knife pleated Roman blinds.

Golden Yellow Colour Uniformed Geometric Modern Pattern Furnishing Velvet Upholstery Fabric JO-1300 - Roman Blinds

Damask and Brocade

Much like velvet, damask and brocade are usually patterned, which enhances your Roman blinds and subsequently your space as a whole. The patterns for these fabrics are mostly images of nature, such as flowers, animals, leaves, and waves. Damask and brocade are also thick fabrics so they are durable, and they are both best paired with pleated London, flat, and relaxed Roman blinds. 

Wave Pattern Stripe Raspberry Pink Colour Velvet Upholstery Fabric JO-1247 - Roman Blinds

When choosing the fabrics best suited for your Roman blinds, we recommend taking into consideration what fabrics complement which blinds. The fabrics you choose will ideally be determined by what type of Roman blinds you have, as specific fabrics pair better with certain types of Roman blinds. Another aspect to take into consideration is durability as you want your blinds to last. If you have already purchased some and are looking for some fabrics to pair them with them, feel free to explore our range. We offer all of the fabrics discussed here, where you can see what fabrics pair well with which types of Roman blinds, which can help you in making your decision. We are also here to provide advice, so if you’re still unsure of anything don’t hesitate to get in touch

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