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What is the best material to use for a sofa: leather or fabric?

Selecting the best sofa material for your home is like choosing between your two favourite things. You cannot have both and you have to consider various factors that will suit your needs. In the case of buying a sofa some of these are your budget, your lifestyle, and the sofa type you have. With so many things to choose, you will probably fall on these two: leather or a fabric sofa.

To end this dilemma, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop will highlight the advantages you can enjoy from these two sofa materials.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric sofas are more familiar to average homes than the leather ones. With its different styles and designs, these can also be easy to reupholster when it cannot match the room anymore. It is ideal if your home's not many formalities, or if you don't have any big budget to buy one.

Moreover, you can get the following benefits when you purchase fabric sofas:

- There are many types of fabric material you can choose, each with excellent benefits. From microfiber which is easy to clean, to the velvet types that produce an elegant look fabric types offer various options based on your preferences.

- The comfort you can experience in fabric couches is guaranteed to the leathered ones. This coziness may depend on the frames and cushions, and every sofa finish is much more comfortable.

- While the best quality fabric material means a more excellent look and lasts longer than the lower quality ones, every fabric is generally easier to clean and maintain.

- Fabrics are never prone to scratches, which can affect its aesthetic appeal. It means it is perfect even for homes with children and pets.

- Fabric sofas are cheaper than leather sofas, yet they still assure the style you prefer. Furthermore, since these are always available at different price points, you can always upgrade your couch.

- With fabric sofas, you can always have the colour, design, and style to match your living room. There's still a couch that can even match even your living room decors. You can surely have the perfect sofa for your home.

Leather Sofas

On the other hand, leather sofas are excellent if you have a formal living room, adding elegance and sophistication to the area. It is also the best option if you opt for a more dramatic look in the living room while maintaining your functional furniture pieces. With these here are some of the things you can get the most out of purchasing leather sofas.

- Along with the traditional types of leather sofas, modern and trendy types are also available. These are all sleek and stylish that will surely upgrade your receiving space and look more high-end and classy.

- If you or someone in the household have allergic problems, it is ideal to have leathered sofas. Unlike the fabric sofas, these will not trap dirt, dust, and other allergens that can worsen any allergic reactions.

- Regular care and maintenance are essential for leather sofas, and just like the fabric types, leathered upholsteries are also easy to clean. It needs to be dusted frequently. For better cleansing, you can hire professional cleaners even once a year to do the job.

- These sofas always look excellent even in any living room decors, as long as the interiors are light-coloured. It will never fail to improve the area's overall appearance.

- Leather upholstered sofas will not quickly lose its colour and fade just like other sofa types. If maintained properly, these can even last for decades or more.

- There are lesser risks to stains and other damages as long as spills will be cleaned quickly. Apart from scratches by human or pets.

- Leathered cushions are firmer and have a more durable shape than fabric cushions.

Leather or Fabric For Your Sofa ?

General Considerations

Purchasing a sofa is an essential investment you can buy your home. Whether a leather or fabric sofa, consider the following to guide you more in selecting the best upholstery material.

1. Opt for couches made from the best durable material. While it's tempting to choose cheaper, it's still not practical to buy for less expensive yet low quality. Remember, a better feature means a longer-lasting material. And that's also applicable in choosing couches.

2. Choose a design and style that will suit you, your family's style and personality, and the room's interiors. Never let your emotions be your sole guide in selecting the couch design.

3. Another crucial consideration is the colour. The sofa colour should match the environments decoration or be mixed with other room elements. Sometimes neutral colours can be excellent options. Also bold colours can bring more statement to the room.

4. Consider its usage. Will your sofa be the spot where you'll relax and watch TV? Or should it be the place where you will sit and entertain guests, or just read? Do you usually lounge or sit up? A wrong choice of the couch can surely mean disaster to how you plan to savour this furniture.

Your couch will always be one of your best companions in your home. So, if you're still confused, Yorkshire Fabric Shop can surely help you in finding the best sofa for you. Head on to our website and see all the fabrics for your sofas check it out online.


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