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What is the best style for my cushion?

Sofas are essential to your home because they provide comfort after a long and tiring day. However, we at Yorkshire Fabric Shop believe that there is always room for improvement when it comes to interior design, and you can take your sofa a step further by adding cushions to make them even more comfortable. Cushions add more padding and decoration and you can personalise your sofa even more by adding the cushions of your choice. Depending on what you choose, this could also potentially add more creativity and colour to your living room, alongside your decor and ornaments. There are many different styles when it comes to cushions, regarding both shape and covers. If you’re looking at purchasing some new cushions, here are some tips to help point you in the right direction. 

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Have it minimal and neutral

Neutral colours have a lot of versatility because they can complement all sofas and create a bold and formal look for both homes and offices. Cushions with neutral colours can also still add a lot of colour to sofas, given that most households have sofas that are brown, black or grey. Even if you don’t have a sofa with a conventional colour, neutral colours will still suit it given that they are designed to go with anything. Neutral colours include brown, green and dark red.

Neutral colour plain cushions from Yorkshire fabric shop

Patterns are still in style

If you find that neutral colours for your cushions are too plain, you can always choose cushion covers in patterned fabrics. These can bring more creativity and vibrancy to your home than neutral coloured cushion covers can. You can choose from stripes, shapes, and even patterns of animal prints that can add more personality to your home. Patterned fabrics are usually made of different cushion fabric types like damask, jacquard, and brocade. 

Patterned cushions from Yorkshire fabric shop

Textures make a statement

If you’re looking to have cushions covered in an embossed-like texture, you can have material that are piled like wool and chenille fabrics. These fabrics are cozy and provide more comfort and warmth, whilst also increasing your chairs’ aesthetic appeal. Textured fabrics are also more convenient in some regards, such as it helps prevent abrasion on the cushion.

Best fabrics for cushions

As well as focusing on the various colours, designs, patterns, and textures available to you, for your covers you also need to focus on longevity. If you want your cushion covers to last long, it is best to choose fabrics that are strong and thick to withstand excessive use. If you would like cotton for your cushion covers, you are still able to. However, for durability purposes, you will have to mix it with synthetic fibres as natural and synthetic fibres sewn together to create a durable fabric.

Cushion fabric supplied by Yorkshire fabric shop 

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop ensures that our fabrics are made from the best materials, and we regularly subject them to a series of rub tests and cross-checking. We are also customer-focused and can send you free fabric swatches so you can make sure that the colours and patterns of the fabrics are suitable for you. Feel free to explore our range today.

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