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What is the most comfortable chair cushion to sit in?

Choosing a chair for your home is an exciting task. A large part of your interior design project is finding the perfect chair to complete your look. A chair can add an interesting focal point, a delightful accent  and an inviting place to relax. A chair that looks the part is important to creating the desired ambiance. However, the most important function of a chair is providing a comfortable place to sit. It is essential to find the most comfortable chair cushion to sit in.

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When choosing the perfect, comfortable chair there are a few questions to ask.


What is comfortable to you?

Some people prefer a seat cushion that is firm and supportive. Others want to sink into a soft fluffy cushion. Ask yourself what is comfortable to you? If you suffer from back pain a firm seat with a deep cushion and a high seat is the best option. It is also worth considering the backrest, one that is contoured for lumbar support will give you a perfect place to relax. 

When you know what you find comfortable you will know what type of cushion filling you need to look for.


What is the best cushion filling for me?

Chair cushion fillings vary from soft to firm. Depending on the style of the chair different fillings will be used. 


Foam filled chair cushions

Foam is the firmest cushion filling. Its bouncebackability is perfect for keeping the perfect shape of your chair. Some chairs use memory foam which moulds to your body for a truly comfortable seat. A firm foam filled chair cushion is very supportive. 


Fibre filled chair cushions

Fibre can vary in its density and is often mixed with other fillings such as foam. Soft fibre is a great alternative to feather chair cushions for those who suffer from allergies but want to feel like they are sinking into their seat. 


Feather filled chair cushions

Feather is the ultimate chair cushion filling for that sinking feeling. It gives a sumptuous, soft, cosy seat. The problem with feather compared to other fillings is that it requires regular plumping. Seat cushions can appear a little flat. Feathers can also be problematic for those with asthma and allergies.

Make sure that you test a few types of chair cushions before you make a decision, when you find the most comfortable chair cushion for you will enjoy relaxing in it for years to come.


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