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What kind of fabrics are used for stage curtains?

Unlike curtains which we typically see and use in our homes and offices, stage curtains have different functions and purposes. More than achieving the aesthetic appeal, curtains intended in stages need to consider various factors like the light and sound effects of the venue. Indeed, curtains play an essential role in the success or failure of any stage or theatre plays. 

Red Velvet Fabric Used For Stage Curtains

Fabric experts from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop share some of the best fabric materials that can be used for stage curtains. 

Types Of Stage Curtains 

Let's identify first some of the curtains that are typically present in stages and theatres. 

Masking Curtains 
These are used to conceal the people, equipment, and other happenings offstage. Also called "legs" or "borders", these curtains are made from light fabrics to block the atmospheric light either partially or entirely. It also meets some of the very specified light reflection requirements onstage. 

Backdrop Curtains 
These stage curtains are usually seen on the rear of the stage, but it can also be in the mid and downstage areas to create a shallower look on the stage. This also helps the stage crew to either change the props and the sceneries. Backdrops are mostly made from painted canvasses or customized designs to give a theatrical set. Moreover, there are unpainted muslins and skims that contribute to establishing better lighting effects on stage. 

Proscenium Curtains
This is the most popular component of a stage curtain, wherein this is the curtain that is situated right in front of the audience. Proscenium curtains are the ones that create distance between the audience and everything on the stage before the stage play begins. These curtains are made up of the grand drape (curtains seen by the audience before the show starts) and the grand valence (curtains that are located in front of the grand drape).

Since these are the curtains that are exposed to the audience proscenium curtains are always made from the fire-resistant velvet fabrics, check out Yorkshire Fabric Shops velvet curtain fabrics here.

Best Fabric Materials To Use For Stage Curtains 

Zouk Velvet Fabric By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Cotton Theatre Curtains 
The traditional cotton types of stage curtains are made from velvets that achieve a directional pile with a matte finish. Some cotton stage curtain types also offer a variety of stylish colours and heaviness to choose from. 

Synthetic or Polyester Curtains 
Unlike the cotton type that undergoes chemical treatment to ensure being a flame-retardant, synthetic stage fabrics like polyester are processed and produced as fire-resistant fabrics. Furthermore, these fabric types are also resistant to moisture and wrinkling issues, bagging itself a low-maintenance stage fabric. This makes it ideal for touring compared to cotton types. 

Some of the extra heavyweight types of synthetic stage curtains are known for their light satin sheen. Meanwhile, there are cost-effective types that are extra-wide and are more matte because of its short pile feature. 

Mohair Stage Curtains 
For the best endurance and tensile strength, the mohair velvets are exceptional in these aspects. Both the heavy and extra heavy types are much durable and have a long upright satin pile. These are also known for their excellent acoustic features and excellent colour qualities. With personalized patterns and designs, mohair stage curtains can enhance its character and features.

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Where To Buy Stage Curtain Fabrics?

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