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What Nursery Curtains Are Best For My Child?

There is nothing more exciting than getting ready for a new arrival and kitting out the nursery is top of every parent to be’s to-do list. When it comes to decorating a nursery you have a free reign to be as creative as you like and let your inner child shine through or keep it calm and fuss free creating a tranquil environment for your new baby’s peaceful slumber. Your nursery curtains are a crucial part of the room's decor. Not only do they complete the look but they serve a hugely important purpose - helping your baby sleep which is why the best nursery curtains for your child are blackout curtains.


Establishing A Sleep Wake Pattern

Newborns are not used to our sleep wake pattern. It is our job as parents to encourage sleep at times that are convenient for us (ie nighttime). By programming a baby’s internal body clock to recognise that nighttime is time for sleeping and daytime is time for playing you will soon enjoy a good night’s sleep. It’s all about hormones, darkness promotes the release of serotonin which tells the brain that it’s time to sleep. Light does exactly the opposite.

Oscar Deep Pile Plain Chenille Velvet Material Black Colour Upholstery Fabric

The Oscar velvet fabric curtain.

Darkness and Sleep

The best way to teach a baby and child that it is time to sleep is by making their room dark. Have you ever heard a toddler reasoning that they are up at 4:30am because the sun is up? In order to reinforce a healthy sleep wake pattern and ensure your child (and you) are getting enough sleep, blackout curtains in a nursery are imperative. 

Oscar Deep Pile Plain Chenille Velvet Material Black Colour Upholstery Fabric

The Oscar fabric is also available by the metre online to buy.


It isn’t just nighttime that requires darkness in a nursery. When you are putting your child down for a nap, by far the best way to get them to sleep is by blocking out the brightness of the daytime sun. Any slithers of light around the edges or centre of the blackout curtains won’t work. You need your blackout curtains or blind to be fitted correctly. We always recommend made to measure curtains to achieve the perfect fit. 


Blackout Curtains Are The Best Choice

Ordinary curtain fabric, no matter how thick, doesn't possess the same qualities as blackout curtains. Blackout fabrics are an opaque material that is woven so tightly that light is unable to filter through into the room of your sleeping baby. Creating the perfect haven for sleep for your bundle of joy.

The great news is that no matter which of our extensive range of curtain fabrics catches your eye you can add a blackout lining. Simply select the option for blackout under the lining type. You are certain to find a style, colour and fabric that is perfect for your nursery from our stunning range of high quality fabrics. Browse our selection of made to measure curtains and order today.


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