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What Pattern Of Chair Should I Buy For A Relaxing Feel To My Home?

What is relaxing to one person may not be to the next. Creating a relaxing vibe is a very personal thing. When considering what pattern of chair to buy for a relaxing feel in your home you will need to consider the overall look and style of your home.

A person who finds order and neatness relaxing will not enjoy a bold pattern. An advocate for the boundless possibilities of boho chic and its relaxing vibe will feel more at home with a beautiful print.

Here we will take a look at some popular interior design styles and what pattern would create a relaxing feel.



A Scandinavian style thrives on calm colours and smooth lines. The bright ambience is relaxing in its simplicity. Although when you think of Scandinavian white wash and light wood springs to mind recent trends are seeing an injection of colours to add an interesting twist to this clean look. Blush tones are a fabulous subtle hint of colour, along with natural greens to complement the frequent appearance of plants and greenery. 

For a Scandinavian styled room a chair with a subtle pattern to the back will fit in perfectly creating a lovely place to relax. We love the Raphael Chair with its traditional Scandinavian tapered legs and deep seat cushion you will love sitting back with your favourite drink.

Raphael Chair

Raphael Chair


The minimalist loves as little as possible. Clean, fresh and calm. Less is most definitely more. Textures have a place in a minimalist interior, however they tend to lean towards gloss, high sheen and plain colours. The perfect patterned chair for a minimalist look would be a geometric pattern. No fuss, just a gorgeous simple relaxing accent chair. We love the bold stripe on this Jolie Accent chair and the monochrome colours are perfect for a minimalist

Jolie Chair

Jolie Chair


The boho mantra is creating a relaxing space and using as many colours, textures and patterns as you like. There are no rules in boho decor so really anything goes. The beauty of boho is things don’t need to match, it is almost better if they don’t. It adds to the eclectic, nonchalant vibe. An accent chair earmarked for relaxation would be fabulous in a bold patterned tapestry, of course layered with plenty of gorgeous cushions.

We love the Amalia Chair; the multi tonal paisley pattern contrasts beautifully with the grey arms. The generously sized armchair is just waiting for you to curl up with a good book.

Amalia Chair 

Amalia Chair

Take a look at our gorgeous range of accent chairs, no matter what your style you are sure to find the perfect place to sit down and relax.


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