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What sort of office chairs are out there?

A high-quality office chair is a necessity for any working professional operating within an office. Whether in the office itself or working from home, you need a chair that allows you to work comfortably because if you have a chair that’s unsuitable then it could have a detrimental effect on your work. Being able to invest in one must be an utmost priority as we always want to feel that kind of sitting position with a snug and easy feel so we could at least do our work properly. Getting the perfect chair based on our desires makes us believe that we can still have that comfort as much as the chairs in our living room do. You can get to have that customised look for your office, making it your personal space even if you're away from home. If you aren’t familiar with your options, here’s a list of different office chairs. 

Office Conference seating in patterned abstract fabric design

Executive Office Chair

Executive office chairs have a high backrest and a mid armrest and are typically covered with leather or faux leather. However, with modern upholstery, they can now be paired with velvet and chenille fabrics for a smoother texture. Usually found in single room offices, they are specially designed for CEOs and top management employees.

Leather upholstered Office seating

Ergonomic Chair

Executive office chairs are very formal and modern chairs that can create a classic style. This chair helps maintain good posture with a back that has a curved frame. It can also be reclined like any other chair type and usually has a rounded and mid backrest so your upper back can still have its support once you lean on to it. These chairs are best paired with chenille fabrics and are heavily cushioned for comfort. Executive office chairs are also covered with one big fabric or leather cover, which makes them very sleek to look at.

Armless Chair

Characterised by a lack of armrests, armless chairs are good for those who want to tuck themselves under their desk, which is ideal when taking a rest. With a rounded and mid backrest, armless chairs are better associated with corduroy and chenille fabrics. Armless chairs are sold cheap and therefore prove a popular choice for companies. 

Armless office chair finished in monochrome abstract fabric

Gaming Chair

Contrary to popular belief, gaming chairs can appear professional when upholstered and paired with the right fabrics. They can be paired with velvet and leather, creating both a comfortable and formal chair. Leather and faux leather are common amongst corporate chairs, though for gaming chairs, you can also cover them in dark velvet fabrics that give it a smooth and rich texture. 

Upholstery Fabrics for Chairs

When you have the particular style you want for your chair, you then have the option to make use of upholstery to tailor your chair as best suited to you. You are free to choose from a range of fabrics, such as leather, velvet, chenille, corduroy, or even cotton fabrics. With upholstering your chair, you can make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to sit in throughout the day whilst still being stylised to retain the formality an office chair needs. 

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