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Why Should I Buy a Roman Blind From The Yorkshire Fabric Shop?

A Roman blind is a welcome addition to any space. They have numerous benefits and ultimately look great. 

The benefits of Roman blinds:

They are stylish

They add colour and texture 

They are great for small spaces

They can be used with curtains

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Roman Blind & Pink Accent Chair

You can see these Roman blinds here and be inspired by our accent chairs here.

Why buy Roman blinds from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop?


Bespoke Roman blinds made to measure

Fabric excellence is our business. We love fabrics and we love to bring interesting, unique and exceptionally high quality fabric to you to use in your design projects. All of our Roman blinds are made to measure ensuring that you get the perfect fit for your windows. This bespoke service gives you the freedom to choose exactly what you want, from the fabric you choose to the protective treatments available. 


Huge range of fabrics, colours patterns and textures

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a huge range of made to measure Roman blinds for you to choose from. Our stunning range of high quality fabrics are sourced to ensure that your Roman blinds look amazing and stay that way for years to come. 


Protective treatments available

For peace of mind and to extend the life of your Roman blinds our specialised treatments help to prevent damage to your Roman blinds. 

Fire Retardant - highly recommended for those who enjoy a scented candle or for Roman blinds that will be installed in the kitchen.

Stain and Soil Repellent - accidents happen and when they do you will rest easy knowing that stains won’t set. Our stain and soil repellent treatment offers a protective layer preventing stains from soaking into the fabric.

Water Repellent - it seems harmless however, water stains can ruin a fabric. Our water repellent treatment means that rather than soaking in stains will run off making it easy to wipe clean without permanent damage.


Exceptional service

At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop we pride ourselves on our exceptional service. We make it easy to choose the perfect Roman blinds for you and ordering couldn’t be easier. We are on hand every step of the way to guide and advise you. If you have any questions just get in touch we are more than happy to share our fabric expertise.


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