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7 Ways To Beat The January Blues

So, Christmas and New Year are officially over, and January is now here. With the cold Winter nights partnered with the comedown from a busy Festive season, moods around this time can begin to dip. So to help us get through the next couple of weeks and start 2023 in a positive way, we have rounded up some tips and tricks to keep the feared blues away and create a January to remember.

7 Ways To Beat The January Blues

1.    Don’t make unrealistic New Year's resolutions 

Let’s be honest, we have all made many unrealistic promises to ourselves. Whether it be to lose 4 stone in a week or to eventually get out on that bike you bought yourself 3 years ago, we know deep down that it is probably not going to happen. Making promises to better yourself is a good thing but you need to make sure they are achievable and that you want to achieve them. This will help to avoid any disappointment and you will more than likely go above and beyond and maybe even exceed your goal!

2.    Learn something new

Learning new skills can not only make you feel more accomplished but also helps to activate your mind, helping to reduce those dreaded low moods! Learn a new language, practice a new sport or learn how to upholster a chair (one of our personal favourites)! It is never too late to add to your skillset, and who knows when it will come in useful! Take a look at one of our recent blog posts for some upholstery tips and tricks here.

3.    Exercise

A simple but effective way to boost your mood. Exercise helps to release feel-good endorphins which can help to ease depression and anxiety. Start with a 20 minute walk a day and set a target to increase your time each week, progression is key!

4.    Refresh your space

January is the best time to switch things up. Refresh your space with a new curtain or blind, add a new cushion to your sofa or up-cycle that old footstool. Sometimes all we need is a different space to boost our mood. Looking for that perfect fabric? Explore our range of upholstery fabrics here.

5.    Grab some fresh air

The lack of daylight can really affect our mood. Many of us will head off for work in the dark and finish work to a dark sky in the evening. So, make use of your lunchbreak and head out into the daylight for some much-needed fresh air.

6.    Help someone in need

Helping those in need will help to put your needs into perspective. Unfortunately, there is always someone worse off and by helping others we can help ourselves to feel better. Volunteer, get involved in a charity project or simply help someone you know.

7.    Treat yourself

After having Christmas and the New Year to look forward to many of us will now have a boring few months ahead. Having something to look forward to fills our life with excitement, so there is no better time to book a staycation or spa day with a loved one. After treating so many others over the festive period it is time to take time out for yourself... I know I definitely will be!

We hope our top tips have left you feeling inspired and put you in a good mood for January but remember that your happiness is down to you, so commit to living in positivity! We hope 2023 is filled with love and happiness and we can’t wait to see all your beautiful interiors over the next 12 months!


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