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Are curtains really necessary?

Have you ever wondered why there are curtains in your house? You could not help it, but it's a force of habit to buy one and decorate your house with it. For hundreds of years, curtains have been a massive part in keeping our house feel more like our homes, our safe sanctuary.

The presence of curtains in our daily lives somehow lets us think that it's already part of the house. A home is not deemed complete without even a single curtain hanging around. Curtains are by far one of the essential things a household should have due to its multipurpose characteristic.

So, are curtains essential? Yorkshire Fabric Shop answers you with a big YES. Curtains are not just for display; it also has practical reasons. 

Curtains In A Living Room


Homes were made for us to have security and a shade through storms, and it also gives us a sense of privacy. We may think the four walls in our homes are already enough to provide us with solitude from the outside world; well, we're wrong. In most occasions, we open our windows on a hot spring and summer season. However, opening windows can also expose us from the outdoors.

Having curtains in our house can give us added privacy to our homes. Yorkshire Fabric Shop lets you shop for curtain fabrics that are not too thin and not too thick, so to let the fresh breeze enter your homes while still maintaining the private life that you want. The shop displays thousands of curtain fabrics for your home essentials that are perfect for your daily needs. 

Fresh air in a private home, you say?



At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we believe that your curtains do not just give you privacy; it also protects you from dust and pollution to enter your home. The wind outside is the number one factor that is likely to carry dust anywhere, so it should be filtered just by hanging your curtains by your window. Curtains can be your home's solution to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from populating your homes. Thus you and your family can be at low risk of getting sick. 

Homeowners should also be mindful that dust can also accumulate on your curtain fabrics, so it's best to clean it as often as possible. Maintaining a clean curtain fabric can also prevent it from degrading its quality. 



It's good to have a little bit of sunshine every day; the warm rays can keep our temperatures stable, and it keeps us from having a gloomy day. However, too much sunlight inside your homes can get annoying at times. Thus, curtains were also made so you can now regulate the amount of the sun coming into your home. Yorkshire Fabric Shop lets you choose from velvet curtain fabrics and blackout curtains if you want to block light completely, or you can also go through linens and cotton to also let some light enter. It's for you to choose what curtain fabric you would want and what type of material you need. 



Of course, who wouldn't want their homes to feel unique and splendid? The first thing that comes to our mind when we buy curtain fabrics is the kind of ambience it gives us. Having curtain fabrics at home improves your home appearance, so it would not look boring and bland. Your curtains have the capacity to enhance the feel of your room.

If ever you're into being minimalist or creative, we suggest you go to Yorkshire Fabric Shop's fabric finder so you'll see our different colours and patterns for your curtain fabrics. Just be careful because you might be overwhelmed from a few thousands of our collections. We make sure you'll find the best for your home. 



Believe it or not, your curtain fabrics can help you with practical matters. The curtain fabrics, depending on the type, can let air enter your homes. Cotton is an excellent cold conductor, which makes it great for hot days. Linen, on the other hand, can let air pass through smoothly while also maintaining the crisp and high-end fabric look for your windows. 

Nevertheless, if you want to maintain the warm temperature inside your homes during chilly seasons, you can always choose a thick and heavy woven curtain fabric to block out the cold air from entering your homes. You can browse through Yorkshire Fabric Shop's list of velvet, suede, tapestry, or denim fabrics to keep your desired temperature inside. The thick material is able to prevent the cold air outside and also prevent the warm air from going out. 

Thus, this can assist in decreasing your home heater usage, which also causes your electric bills from going above the ceiling. 

Hanging for a purpose, you see.


Oftentimes, your curtains are often underrepresented and not understood. Some would just pick a certain curtain and purchase them anyway without getting to know the most important features it can provide. Other people would prefer blinds and think of curtains as unnecessary for their shelter. Little did they know that the more they get to know their curtain fabrics, the more they can make use of its purpose. 

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we help people understand that curtains are not just simple fabrics for hanging; we let our clients know that there’s more to it than what meets the eye. We see to it that they buy the most sustainable and the most practical curtain fabrics for their homes, for every season. The curtain fabrics that you purchase from us are much durable, and we guarantee that it's the best quality you can find than elsewhere. Yorkshire Fabric Shop's curtain fabrics are made with care, passion, and love to satisfy our clients; because more than the fabric, we want you to feel more at home.

Visit our fabric collections now and let your home achieve its best with our amazing new made to measure curtains service, lovingly made in the UK !


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