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Easiest way to clean a mark on a sofa

Most of our relaxing and bonding moments are done on a sofa, that’s why it's normal to see some stains on it. Yet, one way to extend its lifespan is to know how to manage this dirt. May it be accidents like spilled wines or prolonged dirt, learning how to clean it maintains its pleasing appearance.

Here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we understand how much you value your sofas. Here are some practical ways to clean this upholstery to make the most out of your family and friends' moments.

Easy Way To Clean A Mark On A Sofa Blog By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Tips in removing stains

One crucial part of maintaining a sofa is to know how to remove its stains. While there are commercial stain cleaners that can be used, there are homemade remedies to solve the sofa stain problems. Check out the following tips to do it:

For fabric upholstery: In a spray bottle, put mixtures of ¼ vinegar, ¾ warm water and one tablespoon dish or castile soap. Mist the stained area and wipe with a soft cloth until the stain is removed. Moisten another soft cloth with water to remove the soap residue. Dry it using a towel.

For leather upholstery: Combine ½ cup olive oil and ¼ cup vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the combined cleaner and to the sofas surface and buff it using a soft cloth.

For synthetic upholstery: Mix ½ cup vinegar, ½ tablespoon dishwashing liquid and 1 cup warm water in a spray bottle. Mist the spoiled part of the sofa. Afterwards scrub it using a soft cloth and remove the stain.

General Cleaning Instructions

To start it's essential to read the sofa's cleaning instructions located in its label. Here are the codes you'll usually find in your sofas and what they mean:

W- The material can be cleaned using water

S- The material should be cleansed using solvent cleaner and not water

WS- Both water and solvent cleaner can be used to cleanse the material

X- The material is only vacuum-recommended

Tips in cleaning the sofa easily

Besides knowing the cleaning instructions intended for the sofa's material the following are some easier tricks to achieve a clean and fresh sofa: Vacuum- Hand vacuum or brush attachments can remove dirt and debris from the surface of the sofa.

Be sure that the sofa's gaps will be cleansed from things like pet hair, food crumbs and other accumulated dirt. Remove unattached cushions and vacuum every side. For areas with lots of dirt, use a lint roller to remove the dirt that cannot vacuum. Clean even the wood or metal areas- To do this without damaging those parts, clean these areas with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Looking for fabric shops that can guide you in maintaining your hard-earned furniture and upholsteries? The Yorkshire Fabric Shop can be the solution to your problems. With our fabric choices and services that are guaranteed to be the best online and locally, our website will provide you also more tips in taking care of your precious pieces!


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