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Help with choosing curtain headings

There is no doubt how curtains can create something majestic in any area. It never fails to transform the mood and ambience of any room. However," bringing the magic" in any curtains doesn't happen in an instant. We have to be particular about the aspect of these fabrics, like in designs, fabric types, colours, and headings.

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The Yorkshire Fabric Shop emphasizes the importance of curtain headings in determining how the curtains will fall. This is one of the complicated aspects of choosing the perfect curtain for your area. In
the meantime, head on to this article to give you a glimpse of various curtain headings you have to know.

Types of Curtain Heading Styles
Leading curtain fabric store The Yorkshire Fabric Shop enumerates some of the popular curtain heading styles nowadays:

Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading
The most famous curtain heading style, pencil pleats are so versatile that it comes in various sizes depending on the curtain's dimensions. Furthermore, its versatility reaches in any fabric curtain buyer prefers, making it suitable to any tracks and poles as well.

Besides its versatility, pencil pleats are also easy to manage. Since it has numerous rows, loosening or tightening the curtain is as simple as pulling the cord to the preferred tightness.

Eyelet Curtain Heading
The eyelet curtain heading is perfect for homes with a touch of modern perspective because of its contemporary look. Like pencil pleats, eyelet curtains are also versatile as to use in various fabrics. As it produces a wave-like fall of the curtain, it also works well with patterned fabric. This curtain heading guarantees never to ruin the designs of the printed textiles.

Eyelet curtains are also easy to clean and maintain. For those who want a little burst of light from the outside, this curtain heading is perfect for this purpose. However, it doesn't work well with embroidered fabrics. It's because embroidery can dispute on the eyelet holes and edges.

Wave Curtain Heading
Wave curtains are great if anyone yearns to showcase a fabric pattern or design. When they are closed, it has a beautifully-contemporary look. Meanwhile, when it opened, a neat and tidy look will be discovered,
which can freshen up the area. With its loosened folds, the curtain's designs and patterns are emphasized, bringing a unique atmosphere.

Another exceptional thing about wave curtains is its evenly-spaced gliders.

Triple Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading
Also known as the French pleat, this curtain heading style is the most traditional. It maybe needs more fabric, unlike other curtain styles, yet it remains to be very classy and elegant. Moreover, it's uniformed
pleats make it very suitable in longer curtains. With its decorative heading, French pleats are excellent in master bedrooms and lounge areas. Compared with other curtain styles, this is better in plain fabrics because its heading can distort the pattern or design.

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When it comes to curtain fabric experts, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop will provide everything a curtain finder needs. From various fabric colours, prints, and patterns, and to the customer satisfaction guaranteed
service, this is indeed the best fabric store in the heart of the UK!


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