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How much fabric do you need for your upholstery project?

The amount of fabric required for an upholstery project can vary greatly, depending upon the size of the piece of furniture to be upholstered, the type of cloth being used and the upholsterer's individual style of working.

As a general rule of thumb, an average-sized club chair might require approximately 6 metres of fabric. However, this is only an estimate. It is always advisable to ask your upholsterer to take a look at the piece of furniture you need upholstering and give his expert estimation.

In today’s blog, we look at how much fabric is needed for your upholstery project, and offer our advice to get you started.

Sound Advice

Each upholsterer may have their own style of working, which may require more or less upholstery fabric. 

Single chairs can require anywhere between 2 metres and 7.5 metres of fabric, and sofas can require anywhere between 3 metres and 30 metres of upholstery fabric, depending upon the size and style of the piece. 

This illustrates why it is always advisable to consult an expert before ordering upholstery fabric.

Another factor which may affect the amount of fabric required is patterning. If you choose an upholstery fabric with a large repeating pattern, you may need to order substantially more fabric to accommodate the pattern.



Order More

One thing is for certain, you should never skimp when ordering upholstery fabric

Different dye lots can result in completely different shades of colour, so if you have to go back to order more fabric it may not be from the same dye lot as your original purchase. 

It may be possible to use mismatched material in hidden places but it is always best to order slightly more upholstery fabric than you think you will need, to avoid this awkward situation.



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