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How To: Choose The Right Fabric For Your Curtains

Let’s face it; choosing the perfect curtains for your home is a difficult process. You need to choose the best colour fabric and decide if you want block colour or patterned fabric. The fabric that you choose affects how the curtains hang, the type of coverage they give and how long your curtains will last. After all that you have to actually like your curtains. At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a fantastic range of curtain fabric available; you just have to decide which is best for you.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Curtain

Polyester curtains

Polyester is one of the most common fabrics used for curtains because it is durable and easy to maintain – perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. It’s best to avoid using polyester fabric for kitchen curtains as the fabric absorbs odours and the material is flammable.

Cotton curtains

Cotton is the perfect fabric to fit in with a modern decor but can also suit a traditional style as it is a versatile fabric. Using cotton gives your curtains a clean, crisp feel that adds freshness to any room. Cotton curtains drape very well which can add a formal edge to a room. The great thing about cotton is the range of weaves you can get. Choose a tighter weave if you want to block sunlight or want to have some privacy, opt for sheer cotton if you want to make a room feel light and airy.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Curtain

Linen curtains

Linen fabric can wrinkle easily so aren’t the best choice for children’s rooms or rooms with a lot of traffic. Linen is a billowy fabric but can still offer a tailored look, great for dining rooms or a modern living room. Linen can drape well and the sheerness of the fabric allows sunlight to stream through, filling any room with natural light.

Silk curtains

As you would expect, silk adds a luxurious feel to any room. It drapes excellently, providing a romantic feel. It is very high maintenance and is susceptible to sun damage so you may want to consider adding a lining to the silk to protect the fabric.

Velvet curtains

Velvet is another luxurious fabric and gives the feel of regality, great for formal dining rooms, traditionally styled living rooms or grand master bedrooms. It drapes well and because of the thicker quality of the fabric they can insulate draughty windows, block out sounds and sunlight.

Lace curtains

Lace is a very sheer fabric, allowing natural light to flood the room. The fragile quality of the lace means that it can add a touch of romance to a room. As lace is mainly available in neutral shades it can adapt to most styles of a room.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Curtain

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we understand how important it is to get the design of your room right, and how important it is that your curtains complete the look; that is why we have a huge supply of fabrics available that you can choose from, that we can then use for our made-to-measure curtain service so that we can get your curtains just right. If you are looking to update your room or complete a design, take a look at our fabric finder and find the perfect style. You can call in to our warehouse to take a look at our fabrics first hand but we can also send out free samples so you can test the material in your own home. Call us on 01924 728 753 or email


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