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Making Art Decor A Forever Trend: Five Ways To Bring The Art Decor Trend Into Your Home

Every year a new trend emerges. From the minimalistic approach, to luxury and opulence, home design trends are always shifting.

One of the trends on our radar is the Art Decor trend. Emerging in late 2022, this smooth and sophisticated trend continues to lead the way this year, with its ever increasing popularity amongst interior designers who are looking to bring a bigger impact to interiors.

In our latest instalment of our designer trends guide, we delve deeper into this trend explaining what it is, why people love it and how you can incorporate it into your own interiors.

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What is Art Decor?

Art Decor reached its height in the 1920’s when the economy was booming and home owners were looking to create a more luxurious feel to their interiors. This trend was actually the first design movement that became popular all over the world! The trend is most popular for creating a perfect connection between classic and modern interiors with its timeless yet contemporary feel.

This trend is all about bold pops of colour, brassy tones and dramatic contrasts, but don’t worry, we have got five top tips below to help you incorporate this gorgeous trend into your homes.


1. Incorporate Gold

Adding gold to your interior doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may first think. If you aren’t sure how to include this essential element of the trend into your interior, first start by including a statement piece of artwork or furniture. A great example is a gold rimmed drinks trolley like the one pictured below! This statement piece is great for building on your interior, and really helps to embody the era! Our wide range of golden hues are going to be perfect for this trend.

Incorporate Gold - YFS Blog

Image Credit - The Interior Editor


2. Be Bold

A must from this trend is the use of bold and contrasting colours. Deep greens and golds are the go to this year. Imagine a gorgeous deep green velvet sofa with shining gold cushions, a lover of this trends dream!

One of our amazing customers has created a gorgeous art decor inspired corner to her home using our Venice 120 fabric. Our luxurious Venice fabric has created a timeless and sophisticated feel to Kerry’s dining area, and is complemented beautifully by the golden hues of the wood grain. Take inspiration from Kerry’s creation and explore our range of luxurious velvets here.

Be Bold - Art Decor Blog


3. Add Geometric Patterns

If you are looking to make an art deco interior statement, geometry is key. The bold and contrasting shapes are instantly associated with the 20’s and can be incorporated in many different ways. Our top tips for adding geometric patterns to your interior are:

- Add a bold statement wall with a gorgeous geometric wallpaper

- Incorporate contrasting geometric shapes through cushions

- Add a statement piece of geometric artwork

- Use our extensive range of geometric fabric to upholster an old piece of furnishing


4. Unleash Your Wild Side

Exotic prints are back. A fun little fact about this trend is that in the era in which art decor became popular, many were leaving their country for the first time and travelling overseas. On their return, exotic prints became popular in most homes to remind them of their travels. To everyone's relief interior design experts are inviting the animal print back, luckily we have the perfect exotic inspired fabrics to create a bold and unique interior!


5. Splash Out In The Antique Shop

What better way to add this trend to your home than to actually own a piece of the era! Take a trip to a local antique shop or browse online at modern decor pieces that really encapsulate the era. Etsy has some fantastic pieces!

Art Decor Blog By From Antique Shops

Image Credit - Kayleigh Marie Designs


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