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Trend Watch – Polka Dots

Many interior design trends take inspiration from fashion, and polka dots are no different. Style icon Minnie Mouse was created in 1928 wearing her classic polka dot dress and matching head bow. Ever since then polka dots have been an extremely popular fashion choice. Traditionally, polka dots were thought of as feminine, but as time has gone on, the trend has been embraced by men too.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Trend Watch – Polka Dots Pattern In Upholstery

Polka dots have become a popular choice for interior designers. This is because polka dots have the rare ability to suit most styles. Given their history, they look great in a retro setting, but they can also fit in well in a modern environment. Their versatility is the reason that polka dots never go out of style.

Polka dots are cheerful, which is why they are such a great choice for interior design, everyone wants to feel happy when they come home, they can act as a focal point for a room. However, they can also mix well with stripes, geometrics or floral patterns too. Keep the look elegant by using neutral colours. Large handmade cushions, curtains or upholstered furniture act as classy accents to your décor without overwhelming a room. Big polka dots are bold and contemporary; darker colours bring luxury and drama to a room while smaller dots are perfect for soft, romantic, more feminine styles.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we stock a fantastic range of fabrics suitable for any style. Polka dots are yet to go out of fashion, and we have a selection of fabrics that will make you dotty! Browse our fabric range, visit our warehouse, contact our team on 01924 728 753 or drop us an email at


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