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What are the advantages of Roman blinds?

Curtains and blinds are quintessential items to have in your home because of the range of benefits they provide. They provide privacy, block out excessive light and noise, and add extra decoration through their intricate designs and patterns. Curtains and blinds can also be customised to your unique requirements, so they can complement the interior of your home or other spaces. All homes come with curtains, each with a different style and pattern unique to that home. One type that is especially popular are Roman blinds. These blinds are made in a way that prevents excessive cloth use. Its design is suitable for those who do not want too much curtain fabric for their windows, providing a minimal and neat window cover. Whilst they initially might appear bland, when adjusted they can create pleats. Roman blinds are innovative because they are complementary and easy to use. Here’s a quick guide to the benefits of Roman blinds.

Wave Pattern Stripe Raspberry Pink Colour Velvet Upholstery Fabric JO-1247 - Roman Blinds

Controls light

All window covers are specifically designed for you to control how much light gets into your home. Despite not having a lot of fabric, Roman blinds are still good at controlling the amount of sunlight that gets into your home because they can be adjusted accordingly using the strings. 

Visual appeal

Roman blinds have a clean and smaller look given that they use a minimal amount of fabric. Despite this, they can still be presented boldly given the right type of fabric. You are at liberty to choose the right designs, colours, and patterns for your blinds, but choosing ones that will stand out nicely and complement the rest of your home will bring the most vibrancy.

Jungle Leaf Pattern Green Blue Colour Soft Chenille Upholstery Fabric JO-1140 - Roman Blinds 

Can be paired with textures

Roman blinds provide a lot of flexibility given that they can be paired with many different curtain fabrics. Depending on what you’re wanting for your home, you could choose from velvet, cotton, damask, and brocade. Regardless of your home, Roman blinds can be tailored to best suit them, and each different fabric type brings something unique to them as well

Timeless style

Roman blinds have been used in households for centuries, so some people may fear that the style might look outdated in their home. However, it gives your home a traditional style and is applicable to households today; it goes with both modern and older interiors. If you’re wanting your Roman blinds to look a little more modern, then you could choose hobbled, knife, and flat Roman blinds. For a classic look, you’re best choosing either pleated London blinds or relaxed Roman pleats. 

Secures the fabrics in place

Usually, curtain fabrics can be a little inconvenient to use because they drape freely and can be difficult to manage. However, Roman blinds don’t use excess fabric, and what fabric they do use they are good at keeping place due to their pleats and strings that bind the fabric together. This enables the fabric to drape firmly, without the fabric scattered haphazardly when placed on your windows.

Oscar Deep Pile Plain Chenille Velvet Material Orange Colour Upholstery Fabric - Roman Blinds 

Roman blinds are ideal for your windows because of their flexibility and functionality. Feel free to explore our range of fabrics today to pair with yours. There’s a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your home. 

If you want Roman blinds, come to the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, where we have hundreds of varieties for you to choose from. 

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