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What fabric has a tight weave?

Durability is a big factor to consider when buying upholstery fabrics. You want a material that can withstand daily wear and tear. How can you determine whether a fabric is durable? First, you can look at the double rub test rating. Or, you can check whether the fabric is tightly woven. The tighter the weave, the more durable the material is. Thankfully, there are many tightly woven fabrics available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

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This blog help explores some of the home furnishing fabrics that have a tight weave.

1. Tweed 
Tweed is a textured upholstery fabric which is typically made of wool. You can commonly see this material in traditional English countryside clothes. Also, manufacturers use them in upholstering sofas and chairs. Tweed fabric can be medium or heavy in weight, depending on the fibres used. One can make tweed from pure wool or the combination of it and other materials like cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibres.

2. Satin
Satin is another tight weave fabric that is used in cushions and other home décors. Makers produce them from silk, cotton, rayon, polyester, or a blend of these materials. Satin is best known for its silky-smooth texture and lustrous appearance. Further, it has an excellent drape that makes furniture even more lovely.

3. Jacquard 
Jacquard fabrics are recognized for their unique pattern. Its designs include florals, stripes, geometric, and other attractive shapes. These intricate patterns are available, thanks to the jacquard loom. Aside from its tight weave, the jacquard fabric features a textured and raised quality. This upholstery textile can be made from basic fibres like cotton, polyester, wool, and silk.

4. Blackout 
Cloths that have a tight weave block out sunlight. Hence, they are used in making curtains and blinds. Blackout fabric is usually made of firmly woven polyester fibre. Aside from controlling light, this material provides privacy to homes. Blackout shades are available in various colours like ivory and navy blue. However, darker hues tend to block sunlight better than lighter colours.

5. Duck
Duck cloth is a type of canvas fabric. It is commonly made of cotton in a plain weave. Duck is a heavy and tough material, great for window treatments and duvet covers. It has a tighter weave compared to the regular canvas fabric. Therefore, it is more durable and wind-resistant.

6. Twill
Twill is usually made from wool, cotton, and other blends. This material has a medium to heavyweight. Twill is a durable fabric commonly used for sofas, beddings, and cushions. It has a tightly woven, diagonal weave that is easy to sew.

The durability of the fabric is important if you want long-lasting decorative furniture so be sure to invest in quality material.

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