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What is a scatter cushion?

A commonality in many households is that, every once in a while, you get bored of how your interior looks and want to give it a makeover. As tiring as it might be, having our homes redecorated can make our homes look more alive while bringing that sense of gratification for a job well done. Giving your home a makeover can give it a real sense of rejuvenation, and you can turn to things like ornaments, vases, and wallpaper to implement that feeling of newness. However, there are other methods of freshening your home up. If you’re wanting to add vibrancy to your living room, one way you could do this is to invest in some new cushions.

New cushions add more comfort to your chairs as well as improving the aesthetic of your home. Rather than choosing conventional cushions, you could go with scatter cushions. This type of cushion is specifically designed to be smaller so you can have as many as you like on your sofa and add comfort, colour, and decoration, without taking up the space that plants or ornaments would. Here’s a few other benefits that come with having scatter cushions.

Luxury chenille scatter cushions in a mix of bright colours. 

A neater look

Many might think scatter cushions are an unnecessary addition to your living room, and some think it can make your home look untidy. However, you don’t need to have these concerns because there are various ways in which scatter cushions can be presented in a tidy manner. One of them is that they can be paired with usual cushions to add more depth to them. Another is you can have them by themselves and, given their smaller size, they will give your living room a more minimal look. They can be used in offices as well; they can be placed around your chairs to give them a plush look and feel. Scatter cushions can also bring a lot of colour because you can mix and match different colours to suit your home. 

Scatter cushions enhance your living room

A touch of finesse

Scatter cushions can also be covered with printed fabric covers. Brocade and damask patterns are ideal to have considering they usually have sophisticated patterns that would suit any home or office. These fabrics also provide a smooth and soft texture, making your cushions feel more comfortable and relaxing. They also provide a traditional and elegant look and, if they have symmetrical patterns and you pair them with neutral colours, you don’t have to worry about them making your space look untidy.

Textures and mixtures

You are also able to choose the texture fabrics for your scatter cushions. When it comes to texture fabrics, smooth ones prove the most popular amongst households because of their comfort. Alternatively, you can have mixes of cotton fabrics for a lighter feel, or you could have silk for a smoother and cooler effect. If you want matte texture, you could try velvet fabrics, which give your cushions a thicker feel and provide more durability. Velvet fabrics also enhance the colours of your scatter cushions and don’t wrinkle easily. You could also try wool and have the design customised into something personalised such as crochet. 

Animal print patterned cushions

Overall, scatter cushions are versatile and can be personalised to something suitable for you. Whether you decide to put some in your living room, bedroom, or office, they can reinvigorate your space. 

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