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What Is The Best Fabric Material For My Cushions

Cushions make a house a home, they complete your look, they add a level of comfort, they can add personality, texture and fun to your decor. They are versatile and can be used in any room. They can be floor cushions, scatter cushions, decorative, supportive, their uses are endless.

There are many choices of fabrics for your cushions depending on your personal preference and their use.

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Cool Cotton

Cotton is a great fabric. You can choose a pure cotton or cotton mix, often mixed with polyester. Cotton is a hardwearing, natural fabric. It is a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious. A cotton cushion will offer you a lovely comfortable feel, its soft texture has a fresh feel and due to its durable nature cotton wears well in a busy room.


Sumptuous Chenille and Velvet

For those who look for a sensuous softness to their cushions chenille and velvet are the obvious choice. We love a fabric with a chenille pattern that adds depth to the material. Texture lovers will enjoy the contrast of the chenille against the smooth base fabric. Velvet cushions are pure opulence, they add an air of luxury to your space. Both chenille and velvet are surprisingly durable. Just ensure that any accidental spills are dealt with immediately and never rub - always dab - to keep your cushions looking as good as new.


Fabulous Fur

When used in the right way fur can be fabulous. It is a fabric to be used sparingly as it makes quite the statement. It can be incredibly inviting and comfortable, however, it can look worn fairly quickly. Fur is best used for decorative purposes and occasional use.


Brilliant Basket Weave

A fantastic cushion fabric that ticks all the boxes for a busy room. The thick weave is durable and can withstand everything a busy household throws at it. A basket weave lends itself to intriguing patterns and has a lovely texture. 

At risk of sitting on the fence, there is no specific answer to what is the best cushion fabric, it all comes down to personal choice. It is our recommendation that you mix it up. Add some different textures and fabrics throughout your home. Have fun with cushions and introduce some vibrancy and colour to your decor.


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