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What outdoor cushions are suitable for my garden?

Cushions are typically used indoors only. The popular belief that soft objects must only be placed inside our homes has gone through centuries. Yet, with the creativity of homeowners, some are already placed outside, just like cushions. Since then, cushions are now even seen in gardens, patios, and chairs on backyard swimming pools; most just couldn't get enough of the plush and soft touch of cushions.

Due to our preference for sitting in a comfortable chair, cushions have been incorporated with almost anything. They seem to provide a feeling of relief, most especially during tiring days. It just softens the stiffness and angularity of every hard surface, making it best in areas where anyone wants to rest. More so, cushions are deemed relevant in every home, and even under the scorching heat of the sun. Nonetheless, cushions can be a good way to make a comfortable stay in your garden too.

In having cushions outdoors, you must see to it that the materials can withstand heat and humidity. They must be durable to ensure their lifespan even when placed under varying weather conditions. Most outdoor cushions are usually stiff on the outside, however, the discovery of mixes of fabrics may let you have the soft ones. Apart from its practical sense, your cushions must look good with your garden as well, to have a light and easy feeling within your garden's proximity.

It is also good to keep in mind that even though your cushions are soft, it must also be necessary to provide the best pillowcases for them. The covering of cushions protects it, so to be able to protect from damaging it on the inside. Typically, cushions are covered with fabrics, providing it with an outer shell that's also in coordination with its soft interior. Nevertheless, it's also good to know what fabrics to put on your outdoor cushions to provide the best treatment for them.

Fabric For Cushions

The best cushion fabrics

You might be wondering what fabrics to cover your cushions; it is the most confusing part of deciding what type of textiles or fibres are suitable for them most, especially when you want to place them outdoors. Fabrics have been transformed in the past to provide a soft texture that is durable and resistant to the outdoor atmosphere. From synthetic to natural fibres, what are the best fabric cover options that are suitable for your garden?



Probably the most used fabric type for outdoors, canvas fabric is great for your gardens. Imagine having a textured fabric that can survive extreme weather conditions while protecting your cushions during sunny and rainy days. Canvas might just suit your taste. Canvas can also be waterproof and can withstand drizzles and sunlight thereafter, to bring out a long-lasting cover for your cushion treatments while still making it look fresh even after different weather circumstances. Others may not want it because it can be extremely stiff, but variations in canvas fabrics can make it softer while still being visually sheek and stiff for your gardens and patios. 



As nice as canvas, polyester fabrics are synthetic, which makes them great for outdoor use. Polyester fabrics are very flexible, while also being durable for your cushion covers. Moreover, they are great outdoors because they are quick-drying and they are moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant when used day by day. Polyester is good for people who cannot get enough of staying in their garden while having a cup of tea, and you just wouldn't mind sitting in the same cushions for several hours in a day. 



Chenille is the most common fabric used for upholstery. Due to its piled and textured cloth, it's best at hiding away small dirt so your chairs would always look and feel lean. Chenille fabric is warm and also best for cold seasons. You can enjoy reading your favourite book in your garden while having the comforts of chenille cushions. Chenille is indeed strong, and also thick for a better cushion cover while protecting them.



Velvet fabric, as luxurious as it could appear in your homes, can be great for your garden cushions too. The thick and smooth texture of velvet fabrics is some of the greatest fabric feelings anyone could ask for, as it is also strong and can withstand heavy usage. Velvet is also resistant to heat, which makes it very viable to be placed in your gardens and patios. Velvet can also make a classy and elegant feel to your gardens, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look, especially if you want to spend the rest of the day in front of your plants while enjoying the fresh breeze of summer air outside. 

Velvet Fabric


A fabric made of cotton blend and also known as velveteen, corduroy fabrics are also very applicable to be used for garden use. The cozy feel of corduroy is a fabric facade; it's thick, durable, and ridged so homeowners can have them placed inside and outside of their homes. The fabric is super versatile, and great for cold weather too.


Fabric Artistry

When choosing the best fabric cushions in your home garden, you can choose from a wide variety of fabric designs and colours for a more creative look for your gardens. Fabrics can have a very artistic character, made to be used anywhere inside the proximity of your own homes. From plain colours to designer striped lines, you can choose anything by purchasing at trusted fabric shops. Consequently, you can also request for made-to-measure fabric for a more perfect fit for your cushions. 

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop sells a wide variety of cushions and upholstery fabric to suit your fabric needs. The fabrics are also tested through a series of rub tests, so you can make sure that they are strong and durable even amidst intensive use. Furthermore, we also offer free swatches for you to be able to feel and see the fabric in person, even though you cannot visit the store physically. You can also do online transactions worldwide for easier fabric shopping like never before.

Get the best cushion fabrics for your homes. Aside from making sure that it's durable, you also have to make sure that it is fit for your cushion cover while being in a match with your garden. There are so many fabrics to choose from; just mix and match and invest in the strong and sustainable fabrics for the best cushions for your garden!


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