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Why should I invest in door curtains?

When designing our interior we all give careful consideration to covering our windows with gorgeous curtains, but what about door curtains? They are never top of the priority list. For interior designers in the know this is about to change. Not only do door curtains look fabulous, they are practical too. Read on to find out why you should invest in door curtains.

Door Curtain In The Komkotar Fabric

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Door Curtains Add Privacy

The night’s are drawing in, the days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, your favourite TV shows are back on ready for cosy night’s in. The interior lovers' dream season is upon us. As we all begin to spend more time indoors Autumn is the perfect time to create your cosy indoor haven from the world.

The last thing you want is people being able to see into your home. If you have a glass panelled front door, door curtains are essential to ensure your privacy.


Door Curtains Keep You Warm

By closing the curtains in your home you are adding a layer of insulation to your house. Naturally door frames are the culprit of nasty drafts that can ruin the cosy ambience of an Autumn or Winter evening in. The question is why wouldn’t you invest in door curtains? 


Door Curtains Save You Money On Energy Bills

Not only are drafts annoying and chilly, they are not energy efficient. Without door curtains you could be losing heat through the gaps around your door frame. Any gaps in a house that allow heat to escape will inevitably show as a cost in energy bills. The better insulated a house is the more energy efficiently it performs. By covering these gaps with good quality door curtains you will cut down on the heat loss and enjoy the savings on your energy bills.


Door Curtains Are Stylish

Finally, style is everything. Door curtains made from superior quality fabric will complete the look of your home flawlessly. Often overlooked doors lack the attention that windows are given in terms of dressing. Door curtains bring together the decor of your home beautifully. We offer a range of fabrics, you are certain to find the ideal one to complement your style and reflect your personality.


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